Address 210 Turf Club Road Lot C25 Car Mall @ The Grandstand S(287995) (map)
Operating Hrs. 10am - 7pm (Mon - Sun)
Tel No. 97285587
Category Passenger Car Leasing, Passenger Car Rental
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Merchant Logo   Skyline Auto Pte Ltd (Rental & Leasing) deals with rental and leasing different kind of car make and models, which are also eligible for private-hire rentals. The company is a subsidiary of Skyline Auto, which deals with the sale of new and used vehicles. Skyline Auto's vehicles are well maintained and groomed before they are handed over to the customer. Skyline endeavours to provide a hassle-free experience for all its customers. It offers affordable and competitive rates for car rental services in Singapore. Skyline Auto has a network of partner workshops, which are located in all four corners of the island to provide services such as vehicle breakdown recovery for its customers.
Mercedes-Benz A Class A200 AMG Line Premium Plus Sunroof Brand New (For Lease)
1 Yr Lease
: $2,488/mth
2 Yrs Lease
: $2,488/mth
3 Yrs Lease
: -
Toyota Camry 2.0A (For Rent)
: $60
: $210 (Fri-Mon)
: $400
: -
Toyota Camry 2.0A (For Lease)
1 Yr Lease
: $1,350/mth
2 Yrs Lease
: $1,300/mth
3 Yrs Lease
: $1,250/mth
Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5A (For Lease)
1 Yr Lease
: $1,800/mth
2 Yrs Lease
: $1,700/mth
3 Yrs Lease
: $1,600/mth
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