Address 210 Turf Club Road Lot C15A Car Mall @ The Grandstand S(287995) (map)
Operating Hrs. 10.30am - 7pm (Mon - Fri) 10.30am - 3pm (Sat) Close on Sun & PHs
Tel No. 98592800
URL www.craftleasing.com/
Category Passenger Car Leasing, Passenger Car Rental
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Merchant Logo   Craft Leasing Pte Ltd is a fully established and legally registered company for operating car rentals and leasing. It is their passion to provide efficient, competitive prices and personalized customer care services to all who are engaged with them. They see it as their duty to strive and meet the expectations of their customers/partners and assurance of trust at all times. Their services are pledged with high quality, integrity, trustworthiness and reliability. Join their fleet today, they can be more than just a car rental company to you.
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