A train fault occured on the North-South Line late on Friday night, 8 January 2021, but it was cleared and services were progressively restored before midnight.
Train fault on North-South Line causes delay on Friday night

A train fault occurred on the North-South MRT line late Friday night, 8 January 2021, but was cleared with train services progressively restored before midnight.

In a post on Twitter just after 11pm, rail operator SMRT said that owing to a train fault commuters should add 25 minutes to their travel time between Woodlands and Jurong East.

Six minutes later, it announced free regular bus services between Woodlands and Jurong East, with station staff assisting commuters.

SMRT said at about 11:19pm that the fault had been cleared, and that train services were progressively being restored. At 11:30pm, it said commuters should add 10 minutes of train travel time between Yew Tee and Ang Mo Kio, and that the free bus services had ceased.

Just after midnight, SMRT said train services between Yew Tee and Ang Mo Kio had resumed normal operations.