Bus and train fares have gone up, with commuters using adult fare cards paying six cents more
Train and bus fares rise by up to 10 cents With the fare adjustments, public transport operators will see an increase of $78.2 million in fare revenue for next year. ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

Bus and train fares went up yesterday (Dec 29), with commuters using adult fare cards paying six cents more.

The increase is 10 cents for single-trip train fares and adult cash bus fares.

The prices of monthly travel passes are unchanged.

Card fare increases for students and senior citizens have been capped at one cent, while their cash fares remain the same as before.

Fare increases for lower-wage workers and people with disabilities have also been capped at one cent.

The Public Transport Council announced the changes on Oct 30.

The adjustments are expected to translate to an increase of $78.2 million in fare revenue for public transport operators next year.

Of this amount, train revenue will rise by $35 million, with an increase of $10.9 million for SBS Transit and $24.1 million for SMRT.

The Land Transport Authority, which administers bus contracts, gets the remaining $43.2 million. The fare adjustment accounted for a new component called the Network Capacity Factor.

This calculates the difference between transport supply and commuter demand.

Regular components include changes in core inflation, wages and energy cost.