How to Ace a Driving Test
The Real Formula One

Is the daily morning scuffle for the train spoiling your day? Are you itching to impress your date with a spin along Orchard Road? Can’t resist the lure of convenient midnight supper binges?

You may not able to afford a car given the sky-high COE prices, but you could start somewhere by first taking up lessons and getting a driving license. Who knows, you could well be doing all of the above if the COE should come plummeting one day. (Hey, never say never; remember that earth-shattering $1 bid months ago?)

But we digress. Let’s get back to basics and first lap up some simple tips on how to ace that driving test and secure a license.

1.    Fools Rush In

Driving, unlike facts and figures taught in school, is a skill. Take your time to get used to manoeuvring the wheel, understanding road procedures and executing steps involved in gearing up, changing lanes and parking. Don’t book a test just because dates are available.

2.    Spot the Difference

An overwhelming majority of test instructors cite not checking blind spots as the number one reason for failure. Just imagine you’re a tribute at the Hunger Games, constantly watching out for and anticipating danger. Be one step ahead of traffic. Just be kiasu. Very kiasu.

3.    Curb Your Enthusiasm

Striking or mounting a curb is a mistake you cannot afford to make. These either result in immediate failures or a deduction of 10 whopping points. If the latter doesn’t end the test for you, it’ll generate enough anxiety for a chance of eventually passing. Or not.

4.    Taxi-dermy

There’s a reason for the term ‘taxi’ in taxidermy. Most cab drivers are so experienced, they are able to routinely circumvent traffic rules and create threats for other road users. In the event that the errant behaviour of a taxi causes you to make a mistake, your tester is unlikely to “give chance”. Being a good driver also means keeping an eye out for the faults of others.

5.    Bad Publicity is Bad Publicity

The more people you inform of the test, the more pressure—subconscious or otherwise—you’ll have to pass it. Tell only the necessary people—parents, spouses, your boss (if you’re taking half a day off)—so as to eliminate unnecessary stress.

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