The car is in fact inspired by the C-Sport Lounge concept
Take a shine to Citroen DS5 Citroen DS5

For the longest time, motor show visitors could count on Citroen to come up with the most outlandish concept cars.

It would have been easy to dismiss those cars altogether as flights of fantasy, if not for their fine execution and the credible literature the manufacturer prepares for each one of them.

Now, it looks like Citroen has actually created a car that is as wild and fanciful as a concept: the DS5.

The car is in fact inspired by the C-SportLounge concept, which the carmaker showed off at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Even though it follows the general styling of the DS4 and DS3, the DS5 takes the game one level higher.

It features snarly and snazzy air intakes, streaks of chrome, a prominent grille and expressive headlights outlined by daytime- running LEDs.

The design elements lend themselves better to the DS5's stretched-out silhouette. It is hard not to take notice of the car, even in a dimly lit carpark.

Inside, the stylistic flair continues. A large four-spoke steering wheel takes pride of place in a cockpit lined with an impressive array of equipment.

The layout is refreshingly different from what we see in German cars (and we have been seeing a lot of German cars).

For instance, the Start button is located just below the car's rectangular clock, which is aligned with the main air-conditioning outlet.

And the lever for the electronic parking brake is placed quite far back on the centre armrest-cum-console.

Citroen is even more generous with chrome in the cabin. Bling on the fascia, bling around air-conditioning blowers, bling on door handles, bling on powered window buttons and two swathes of bling on the steering wheel - making an outline reminiscent of an airplane's control wheel.

The DS5 is luxuriously appointed. Once your eyes have adjusted to the shininess, you will notice the big scalloped seats covered in finely stitched leather.

The dashboard, flowing like a wind- swept canyon, is finished in plastic so soft it could be mistaken for an organic material.

The car has cruise control (steering- mounted switches), head-up display, dual glass roofs (with individual sun screens for left and right), a biggish multimedia monitor, keyless access and ignition, dual- zone air-conditioning, reverse camera and, of course, that electronic parking brake. Navigation will be available later.

Almost everywhere you look, the car conveys class and modernity.

If your buying decision is based solely on what you see, then you will be sold at first sight.

Which brings us to a slightly disappointing aspect of the car - the way it moves.

While modern Citroens do not have the marque's legendary hydraulic suspension systems anymore, they should still at least have an above-par ride.

Well, the DS5 does not. In fact, it betrays an uncommon level of harshness.

It is generally fine at low speeds, but when the car gets up to a trot, the thumpiness becomes intrusive.

The car is shod with 18-inch wheels and the tyres are not exactly low-profile. So it is hard to say why its ride comfort is below expectations.

As for handling, it has the demeanour of a grand tourer, preferring not to be hurried around corners. Pity, it offers excellent kerb-side visibility. And pity its ride is not of a higher quality.

Its big, chrome-clad steering wheel can be a bit unwieldy too.

You will not be disappointed with the performance of its 1.6-litre turbo engine, though. The power plant exudes strength and refinement associated with bigger engines.

Despite an unremarkable 0-100kmh sprint timing of 9.7 seconds, the DS5 never feels lethargic.

In fact, it feels a lot quicker than its specs sheet declares.

The car measures a little more than 4.5m tip to tip and is almost 1.9m wide.

Its wheelbase is pretty generous at more than 2.7m.

It is just about roomy enough for five, despite its coupe-like outline.

The boot area is fairly deep, but could be slightly wider and with a lower load ing height.

Despite its warts, the DS5 is easy to love.

Its outstanding design, luxurious trim and high equipment level are its top selling points.

Its build quality also speaks volumes.

Variants such a diesel and dieselelectric hybrid could arrive by the fourth quarter of next year.