Stamford Tyres has just opened, Honda Civics available for renting and kits for PDA
Stamford Tyres in Leng Kee Honda expands car-sharing Mini docking station for PDAs Stamford Tyres in Leng Kee


Headline: Stamford Tyres in Leng Kee

STAMFORD TYRES opens a Leng Kee Mega Mart today, adding a branch to its chain of tyre and accessory shops right in the heart of a car-buying zone.

To celebrate the opening, it is giving half-price discounts on certain tyres, rims and other car accessories.

Open from 9 am - 7 pm, the Mega Mart is at 5 Chang Charn Road, near Hoy Fatt Road.

The first 100 customers will get gifts, and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Call the Mega Mart hotline on 6475-3355 for details.

Headline: Honda expands car-sharing

HONDA ICVS launched two more ICVS ports in the Central Business District, at the basement carparks of Raffles City and Temasek Tower, on Tuesday.

ICVS, which stands for Intelligent Community Vehicle System, is a car-sharing scheme that makes a fleet of environmentally-friendly petrol-electric hybrid Honda Civics available for short-term rental.

The two new ports bring the total of ICVS locations to five.

At the same time, 12 Civic Hybrids have been added to the fleet, raising the total number of vehicles to 30.

Honda ICVS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Honda.

Headline: Mini docking station for PDAs

PictureCaption: EXECUTIVE AID : This Personal Digital Assistants kit enables the HP IPAQ to be integrated onto the Mini's dashboard.

ACKNOWLEDGING the popularity of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) in the life of busy and trendy executives, BMW has developed a kit to mount PDAs onto the dashboard of the new Mini.

This kit, which includes software, can transform any Pocket PC-based PDA into a mobile phone, GPS-based navigational device and Internet communication tool.

The software has been developed so that all the car-based functions are legible and designed ergonomically, turning the PDA into a useful and natural extension of the vehicle's own instrumentation.

For a start, the engineers have based the kit around the Hewlett-Packard IPAQ, but kits for other PDAs are being developed.

The first kits will be available early next year.

Check out this interesting new PDA application at