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Wearnes buys Volvo distributor

Wearnes International will buy 100 per cent of SM Motors, a distributor of Volvo vehicles, for $47.5 million, the company announced yesterday

Motoring News | 21 Dec 2000

Cool response to pricey green cars

Despite attractive road tax rebates and COE schemes, most car owners are not keen because of the high price and uncertainty over resale value

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2000

Insurance for motorists now a click away

The website will offer a wide range of products including travel, medical and home owners' insurance

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2000

COE, road tax for green cars fixed

Details available now will help put electric and "hybrid" vehicles on the road here as early as next year

Motoring News | 19 Dec 2000

Rebates for 'green' cars to take effect next year

Rebates are aimed at encouraging motorists to buy the more expensive 'green' cars

Motoring News | 19 Dec 2000

$3.5m and you're in, Prost tells Murchison

Singaporean is just a sponsor away from signing for F3000 team

Motoring News | 19 Dec 2000

Prost's 'pay-to-drive' deal

'Pay-to-drive' deal is a common practice in motor racing.

Motoring News | 19 Dec 2000

Astra set to enter Aussie automotive components market

A deal is expected to be signed

Motoring News | 13 Dec 2000

A perfect, safe track for racing enthusiasts

Aspire to be world's racing greats? Start from being humble go-karters.

Motoring News | 29 Nov 2000

Gronholm wins World Rally title

Gronholm is the sixth Finn to win the world championship

Motoring News | 26 Nov 2000