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A perfect, safe track for racing enthusiasts

Aspire to be world's racing greats? Start from being humble go-karters.

Motoring News | 29 Nov 2000

Gronholm wins World Rally title

Gronholm is the sixth Finn to win the world championship

Motoring News | 26 Nov 2000

You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on

The understated M3 is lined up against flashier dancers and bears comparison with the likes of the Porsche 911, Maserati 3200 GT, Jaguar XKR, and the AMG versions of Mercedes-Benz's CLK and E-class

Motoring News | 25 Nov 2000

Bumper to bumper

Memorable Millennium Motorshow Echo's sedan version here More towing services

Motoring News | 22 Nov 2000

More cars, pity about the crowd

A much larger array of vehicles was on display this year, but some big names were missing and visitor numbers were lower than anticipated

Motoring News | 22 Nov 2000

GIA task force to tackle rise in motor insurance claims

Claims last year outpaced premiums collected by 20%

Motoring News | 16 Nov 2000

Ford hatches Escape plan

US carmaker launches Asian debut for three car models in Singapore, with the most radical being the Escape

Motoring News | 13 Nov 2000

Senna's love story revealed

Senna had been married for 14-month with Lilian Senna da Silva

Motoring News | 12 Nov 2000

Rebates for car buyers who go green

Environment-friendly electric and 'hybrid' cars cost more, but rebates may encourage buyers to switch

Motoring News | 11 Nov 2000

Toyota Prius may be first green car to hit roads here

With the announcement of rebate for environment-friendly cars, the hybrid from Japan may find its way here soon

Motoring News | 11 Nov 2000