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More cars, pity about the crowd

A much larger array of vehicles was on display this year, but some big names were missing and visitor numbers were lower than anticipated

Motoring News | 22 Nov 2000

GIA task force to tackle rise in motor insurance claims

Claims last year outpaced premiums collected by 20%

Motoring News | 16 Nov 2000

Ford hatches Escape plan

US carmaker launches Asian debut for three car models in Singapore, with the most radical being the Escape

Motoring News | 13 Nov 2000

Senna's love story revealed

Senna had been married for 14-month with Lilian Senna da Silva

Motoring News | 12 Nov 2000

Rebates for car buyers who go green

Environment-friendly electric and 'hybrid' cars cost more, but rebates may encourage buyers to switch

Motoring News | 11 Nov 2000

Toyota Prius may be first green car to hit roads here

With the announcement of rebate for environment-friendly cars, the hybrid from Japan may find its way here soon

Motoring News | 11 Nov 2000

Hippy hippy shake

Shake it to the left, shake it to the right, these two small cars will keep you shakin' all night

Motoring News | 11 Nov 2000

COE price for big cars rebounds COE price for big cars rebounds

Looks like last month's $12,888 is history; the cost of COEs for bigger cars leaps all the way up to $35,396

Motoring News | 10 Nov 2000

VDO S'pore to launch in-car navigation system next year

VDO Singapore, a unit of the German automotive equipment maker Mannesmann, is expected to launch a satellite-based in-car navigation system here early next year

Motoring News | 8 Nov 2000

Anti-glare screens block out ERP gantry too

Car makers have to replace metallic oxide windscreens that are standard in the West

Motoring News | 8 Nov 2000