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Contract's ready but ...

Singaporean Murchison still has no major sponsor to join Prost's team

Motoring News | 10 Jan 2001

More car loans exceed 70% cap

Schemes offered not necessarily in breach of MAS guideline

Motoring News | 10 Jan 2001

Driver held after car hits tree

Driver managed to stagger out of the wrecked vehicle; Passenger in critical condition

Motoring News | 9 Jan 2001

Top lifestyle choices

Best sports saloon and coupe

Motoring News | 6 Jan 2001

Old polluting cars will stay - for many years

California is de-emphasising fully electric vehicles and its clean air plans

Motoring News | 4 Jan 2001

Motor sales soar but margins are squeezed

It was experienced by companies such as Tan Chong International, Inchcape Motors and C&C

Motoring News | 3 Jan 2001

Murchison dreams on for F3000

S'pore driver still hunts for sponsors to join Prost's team

Motoring News | 1 Jan 2001

US legend dies of Olds age

Sagging sales and an outdated image have tolled the death knell for Oldsmobile, the car that started it all for the General Motors Corporation

Motoring News | 23 Dec 2000

Wearnes buys Volvo distributor

Wearnes International will buy 100 per cent of SM Motors, a distributor of Volvo vehicles, for $47.5 million, the company announced yesterday

Motoring News | 21 Dec 2000

Cool response to pricey green cars

Despite attractive road tax rebates and COE schemes, most car owners are not keen because of the high price and uncertainty over resale value

Motoring News | 20 Dec 2000