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Big rush for cars, except the Mercedes Benz

Despite price cuts of up to $30,000, the marque missed the fish market crush at other showrooms

Motoring News | 16 May 2001

Koizumi gives eco-friendly cars a big push

With the Japanese PM planning to replace over 7,000 official cars with eco-friendly models, car-makers and users could go in for more of such cars

Motoring News | 14 May 2001

Coulthard beats angry Schumacher

Scot scores shock win as German loses his cool with Montoya

Motoring News | 14 May 2001

Flying Scot Coulthard wins Austrian grand prix

Flying Scot David Coulthard won the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday

Motoring News | 13 May 2001

Schumacher grabs pole position for Austrian Grand Prix

It was the 37th pole in Schumacher's career and his time of 1min 9.562 seconds was the best ever on the circuit

Motoring News | 12 May 2001

Sharp captures Indy 500 pole before sparse crowd

Sharp had a four-lap average of 226.037 miles per hour in a qualifying attempt started at high noon

Motoring News | 12 May 2001

Same COE but costs $32,000 less

Bargain COE for cars 1,600 cc and below

Motoring News | 10 May 2001

Has Daddy Hakkinen gone 'soft

No, says the new father, who insists he still has the desire to win

Motoring News | 9 May 2001

Mini to make return in July

Marque will be a niche product, not 'cheap transportation'; it will also be significantly larger

Motoring News | 9 May 2001

McRae wins Rally of Argentina

Britain's Colin McRae scored his first win of the season

Motoring News | 6 May 2001