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Land transport workers to be offered vaccinations from 25 January

A programme to vaccinate about 80,000 land transport workers against COVID-19 has began as part of the national vaccination strategy.

Motoring News | 27 Jan 2021

Eurokars Group donates a transporter to the Singapore Red Cross

As part of the new year festivities, Eurokars Group has donated a transporter to the Singapore Red Cross in support of the TransportAid programme.

Motoring News | 22 Jan 2021

Pedestrianisation of Kampung Admiralty

As announced previously, the LTA will be implementing more Walk Cycle Ride projects so as to support more sustainable travel patterns.

Motoring News | 21 Jan 2021

COE premiums rise to new highs across all categories

In the second Certificate of Entitlement bidding round for January, COE premiums rose across all car categories.

Motoring News | 20 Jan 2021

Sharp rise in number of road potholes after heavy rain

An increasing number of potholes have been reported on the road after the recent wet weather, posing a danger to local road users.

Motoring News | 15 Jan 2021

Uber's appeal over anti-competitive Grab merger dismissed, $6.58 million fine upheld

Uber appealed the $6.58 million fine it was given after its merger with Grab was deemed anti-competitive, but the appeal has now been dismissed.

Motoring News | 14 Jan 2021

Tesla shows location of its first charger in Singapore

Tesla has released a map indicating the location of its first charger in Singapore, with the location purported to be within Singapore Island Country Club.

Motoring News | 11 Jan 2021

Train fault on North-South Line causes delay on Friday night

A train fault occured on the North-South Line late on Friday night, 8 January 2021, but it was cleared and services were progressively restored before midnight.

Motoring News | 11 Jan 2021

TPE slip road towards Loyang Avenue affected by landslip partially reopened

A TPE slip road leading to Loyang Avenue has been partially reopened after being closed due to a landslip that occured on the land beside it.

Motoring News | 5 Jan 2021

KL-Singapore High Speed Rail terminated as both sides fail to reach agreement

The KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project has been terminated after both sides were unable to reach an agreement on Malaysia's proposed changes.

Motoring News | 4 Jan 2021