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1 killed, 16 injured in Tuas Checkpoint bus accident; heavy vehicle lane into Singapore reopened

One person was killed and 16 others were injured after a bus collided into railings at Tuas Checkpoint early Tuesday morning (Feb 26)

Motoring News | 26 Feb 2019

Two start-ups in trouble for illegally offering shared PMDs

Two local personal mobility device sharing start-ups have run into trouble with the LTA, with devices made illegally available in public spaces

Motoring News | 22 Feb 2019

Low premiums fuel record COE renewals for cars

With the relatively low car COE premiums, the lifespan of 37,114 cars were extended last year, 20% more than previous peak in 2017

Motoring News | 21 Feb 2019

Irresponsible motorists to face harsher penalties; new dangerous, careless driving offences to be created

Irresponsible motorists will face harsher penalties, as new dangerous and careless driving offences will be created

Motoring News | 21 Feb 2019

Diesel duty hike's impact on public transport fares expected to be minimal

The recently announced increase in diesel duty is expected to have a negligible impact on public transport fares

Motoring News | 20 Feb 2019

Diesel duty hike will filter down to some consumers: Industry

The diesel duty hike will filter down to some consumers, with taxi companies and heavy vehicle operators expected to be significantly affected

Motoring News | 20 Feb 2019

Diesel duty at pumps doubles to 20 cents per litre

The annual Special Tax for diesel cars and taxis will be reduced further by $100 and $850 respectively

Motoring News | 18 Feb 2019

Peak-hour commutes of no more than 45 minutes by 2040: Panel

This is among its proposals to make public transport faster, safer and more inclusive

Motoring News | 16 Feb 2019

LTA suspends ofo's bike-sharing licence over failure to meet regulations

Bike-sharing firm ofo missed the deadline to meet LTA's regulatory requirements

Motoring News | 14 Feb 2019

SBS Transit's net profit surges 70% to record $80m

New government bus contracts introduced last year drove earnings sharply north for transport operator SBS Transit

Motoring News | 13 Feb 2019