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Rental discounts for Grab and Gojek drivers

Private-hire drivers offering their services through the Grab and Gojek platforms will be getting partial rental waivers over the next four weeks.

Motoring News | 7 Apr 2020

COE bidding exercise for April suspended amid safe distancing measures

COE bidding exercises for April will be suspended following the closure of motor vehicle showrooms during the period of safe distancing measures.

Motoring News | 6 Apr 2020

Deferment granted for cars due for inspection and scrapping

Several vehicle-related requirements will be waived, deferred or postponed in light of the one-month elevated safe-distancing measures.

Motoring News | 5 Apr 2020

ComfortDelGro, SMRT to waive taxi rentals

ComfortDelGro and SMRT will be giving their drivers a full rental waiver for four weeks to help drivers cope with the impact of social distancing measures.

Motoring News | 5 Apr 2020

SMRT bus driver tests positive for Covid-19; vehicle thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

SMRT and SBS Transit have increased the cleaning of high commuter touchpoints in areas such as vehicles and premises in response to the coronavirus outbreak

Motoring News | 3 Apr 2020

First batch of 10 electric buses now being used on five routes

Commuters can now get a quieter bus ride on a few routes in Singapore, with the first batch of 10 electric buses now being used for public transport.

Motoring News | 3 Apr 2020

New care centre caters to cabbies affected by COVID-19 outbreak

A new pop-up care centre at Downtown East aims to assist private-hire and taxi drivers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Motoring News | 1 Apr 2020

ComfortDelGro expects losses for taxi division

ComfortDelGro is extending its daily rental relief until September to help its taxi drivers, a move which it says will push it into the red.

Motoring News | 30 Mar 2020

Disposal scheme for non-compliant e-scooters extended

Owners of non-compliant motorised personal mobility devices now have until the end of June to dispose of their devices.

Motoring News | 30 Mar 2020

ERP at most locations to be suspended amid COVID-19 outbreak

Electronic road pricing will be suspended at most locations from 6 April 2020, with remaining spots seeing rates slashed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motoring News | 30 Mar 2020