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About 1/3 of pollutive motorcycles deregistered

Incentive scheme affects 27,000 motorbikes, but some owners hold on to vintage models

Motoring News | 23 Apr 2019

NEA not ready to announce plans for expiring car emissions scheme

Singapore has been using a taxation strategy to encourage cleaner cars here since 2001

Motoring News | 22 Apr 2019

City streets to look brighter with 25,000 LED lamps

Islandwide replacement of street lamps with 110,000 energy-savers to be done by 2022

Motoring News | 21 Apr 2019

Fewer car COEs for May-July period

But margin of fall, 9.5%, is much smaller than the 20% dip some industry players expected

Motoring News | 19 Apr 2019

Smoother rides on all highways by end-2020

$80m major resurfacing project began three years ago: LTA

Motoring News | 16 Apr 2019

$163.5m upgrading works to better fight tunnel fires

Cost of KPE, CTE project raises questions, but expert says investment is necessary

Motoring News | 15 Apr 2019

New Sing$-ringgit card soon for road tolls on both sides of Causeway

The Combi Card will securely host both electronic wallets from EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go

Motoring News | 10 Apr 2019

5 MRT stations to shut for track construction

Closures over parts of Vesak Day weekend to facilitate works at new Canberra station

Motoring News | 9 Apr 2019

Human Security Radar temporarily deployed at Jurong East MRT station; LTA assessing future redeployment

A Human Security Radar is being temporarily deployed at Jurong East MRT station, and the LTA is assessing future redeployment

Motoring News | 6 Apr 2019

Car dealers set up own online portal to be rolled out by late May

Dubbed UCars, the site aims to offer thousands of new and used car listings, in addition to exclusive deals and privileges for both consumers and dealers

Motoring News | 4 Apr 2019