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Sengkang-Punggol LRT stations to close early, open later for urgent works after Tuesday disruptions

All Sengkang-Punggol LRT stations will close early on Friday night and open later on Saturday morning for urgent maintenance works

Motoring News | 4 Oct 2019

Malaysia halts enforcement of VEP at Johor checkpoints

Malaysia has halted the enforcement of its Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) at the two Johor checkpoints, following several teething problems last week.

Motoring News | 2 Oct 2019

Bedok residents want PMD use restricted or banned

A straw poll of 150 residents by The Straits Times found that 63 wanted PMDs to be banned, and 45 wanted them restricted to those with trouble getting around.

Motoring News | 30 Sep 2019

Road accidents involving pedestrians aged over 60 rose in first half of 2019

More pedestrians aged 60 and above were involved in road accidents and died in the first six months of this year compared to 2018.

Motoring News | 29 Sep 2019

Panel calls for PMD riders to be at least 16 and to pass a theory test before riding on public paths

The Active Mobility Advisory Panel has recommended that personal mobility device riders should be 16 and have to pass a theory test

Motoring News | 27 Sep 2019

PMD in fatal crash exceeded weight, width limit: LTA

Wake for 65-year-old cyclist who died after colliding with e-scooter held yesterday

Motoring News | 27 Sep 2019

Car dealer who lost odometer-tampering case still has not paid up

Performance Carz, a used car dealer found to have misrepresented the mileage of a vehicle it sold, still had not paid compensation to the buyer

Motoring News | 27 Sep 2019

Early closures for some East-West Line stations from October to December: SMRT

From October to December, some East-West Line stations will close early to facilitate maintenance works, and shuttle buses will be provided to plug the gap

Motoring News | 27 Sep 2019

270 errant PMD reports received through LTA app

270 reports against errant users of PMDs and power-assisted bikes in the month after a new in-app reporting function was introduced.

Motoring News | 25 Sep 2019

SBS and SMRT apply for fare increase

SBS Transit and SMRT Trains apply for fare increase

Motoring News | 24 Sep 2019