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Feasible for Cross Island Line to run through Central Catchment or skirt around it, says LTA study on impact

The future Cross Island MRT line that will run from Tuas to Changi can either cut through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve or go around it.

Motoring News | 2 Sep 2019

All-in-one transit apps could be next transport disruptor: Janil Puthucheary

All-in-one transit apps would benefit commuters by allowing them to plan their journeys and pay for different transport modes through a single platform.

Motoring News | 27 Aug 2019

SMRT staff get training to help commuters with special needs

The training includes how to identify people with dementia, how to approach and communicate with them, and how to reunite them with their families.

Motoring News | 26 Aug 2019

Self-driving Sentosa shuttle from next week

ST Engineering's autonomous vehicle management system, will allow the vehicles to analyse passenger demand and optimise route management.

Motoring News | 21 Aug 2019

Rule change allowed car buyers to access bigger loans

Little-known rule change made two years ago has allowed car buyers to be exempted from car loan curbs if they wish.

Motoring News | 19 Aug 2019

Fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles hit three-year low in 2018

According to the Traffic Police, fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles continued to decline last year, hitting a three-year low

Motoring News | 16 Aug 2019

Car COE renewals lose steam after sizzling first quarter

Car COE revalidations which allow motorists to keep their wheels beyond 10 years by paying a prevailing quota premium were more than halved in May to 3,282.

Motoring News | 14 Aug 2019

No dearth of shared bikes with exit of biggest player

Commuters will be able to continue using bicycles from bike-sharing firm Mobike, even as the Chinese firm leaves the Singapore market.

Motoring News | 13 Aug 2019

PMD certification deadline now at July 2020

All e-scooters will also have to go for mandatory inspections from 1 April next year, as a result of the recent spate of PMD-related fires.

Motoring News | 7 Aug 2019

NEL leads the way as rail reliability improves

The NEL clocked an average of 955,000 train-km between delays, putting it on a par in terms of reliability with the networks in Hong Kong and Taipei.

Motoring News | 7 Aug 2019