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ComfortDelGro taxi drivers aid in delivery of medical supplies to homes

ComfortDelGro's taxi drivers are now aiding public healthcare institutions to deliver medicine to patients with pre-existing conditions.

Motoring News | 2 Jun 2020

Grab to ban passengers from front seats in rides

Commuters booking trips on Grab will soon be barred from sitting in the front seat, and will have to fill in health and hygiene declarations before each trip.

Motoring News | 2 Jun 2020

All taxi operators cut taxi rental rebates for June

All taxi operators have followed ComfortDelGro's lead in reducing rental rebates for the moth of June, although rental rates still vary across companies.

Motoring News | 2 Jun 2020

Car rental demand plunges from COVID-19 impact

The rental car population shrank by 1.4% in April, the second consecutive fall in two months, after recording near continuous growth for the past six years.

Motoring News | 2 Jun 2020

Trains and buses to run at pre-circuit breaker frequencies

Commuters can expect regular train and bus service frequencies starting from 2 June 2020 as circuit breaker measures are lifted.

Motoring News | 1 Jun 2020

All ERP gantries to remain suspended until 28 June 2020

The LTA has announced that motorists will continue to avoid paying Electronic Road Pricing charges at all gantries until at least June 28 2020.

Motoring News | 31 May 2020

Talks in place to ease border curbs with Malaysia

Singapore and Malaysia are in talks to ease border restrictions with the necessary protocols and measures in place.

Motoring News | 29 May 2020

Esso, Shell reduce prices after SPC resists price rise

Esso's and Shell's 95-octane petrol is now retailing at $1.99 a litre, while other players are expected to match Shell's and ExxonMobil's reductions.

Motoring News | 29 May 2020

Licensing for point-to-point transport services postponed to October

A planned regulatory framework which promises to level the playing field between taxis and private-hire cars has been delayed again.

Motoring News | 29 May 2020

Some City Direct and Express bus services to resume from 2 June 2020

Several City Direct and Express bus services will resume operation from 2 June 2020, as circuit breaker measures start to ease.

Motoring News | 29 May 2020