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Singapore's cycling network to treble by 2030

The URA said the latest target is to have 1,320km of cycling paths and park connectors by 2030 - nearly treble the network length today.

Motoring News | 10 Aug 2020

Code of conduct not intended to police how people walk

Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng has clarified that pedestrians will not be policed based on how they walk under the new pedestrian code of conduct.

Motoring News | 10 Aug 2020

Ministry of Transport to explore options for Bukit Panjang residents

The Ministry of Transport and LTA will explore options to mitigate the impact of changes to three bus services in Bukit Panjang.

Motoring News | 9 Aug 2020

Bukit Panjang stretch of DTL costs $60m in subsidies a year

About $60 million a year in public funds goes towards subsidising operations for a stretch of the MRT Downtown Line connecting Bukit Panjang to the city.

Motoring News | 8 Aug 2020

MPs call for restoration of Bukit Panjang bus services

The planned removal of key bus services in Bukit Panjang - including the only two linking the area to the city - has touched a raw nerve among residents.

Motoring News | 5 Aug 2020

Code of conduct for pedestrians rolled out

The first-ever code of conduct here involving pedestrians has been rolled out in order to foster a safer and more responsible path-sharing environment.

Motoring News | 5 Aug 2020

COE prices rebound due to supply shrinkage in latest tender

Certificate of entitlement (COE) premiums rebounded across the board at the latest tender on Wednesday on the back of a smaller quota.

Motoring News | 5 Aug 2020

18 SBS services affected by the National Day Parade

A total of 18 SBS Transit bus services will be affected by road closures as a result of this year's National Day Parade.

Motoring News | 3 Aug 2020

Construction of Thomson-East Coast MRT Line slowed due to pandemic

Works for Stage 2 of the TEL are progressing at a slower pace due to constraints on worker availability amid the pandemic.

Motoring News | 30 Jul 2020

CCCS seeks feedback on Grab's platform fee

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore is seeking public feedback on Grab's application to impose a platform fee on riders.

Motoring News | 28 Jul 2020