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Gojek likely to have internal cameras accessible only to LTA, police

Commuters will be informed if their booked vehicle has a camera once they are assigned a driver, and may cancel a ride if they do not wish to be recorded.

Motoring News | 16 Jul 2019

Divided views on PMDs leading to low graciousness

While a majority of personal mobility device users believe they are considerate towards pedestrians, other road users think otherwise.

Motoring News | 10 Jul 2019

New Bill seeks to regulate private-hire firms

New bill could give the Public Transport Council the discretion to set a pricing policy for fares charged by ride-hailing operators

Motoring News | 9 Jul 2019

North-South Line as reliable as systems in Hong Kong, Taipei

Reliability on Singapore's two oldest MRT lines continues to show improvement with upgrading works past halfway mark

Motoring News | 8 Jul 2019

Private-hire safety boosted with Borneo Motors

Lumens Auto, ComfortDelGro and Borneo Motors to improve private-hire safety

Motoring News | 8 Jul 2019

Panel mooted to promote caring transport culture

Committee to facilitate and pull together inter-agency efforts from public agencies, companies, welfare organisationsto promote a caring commuter culture.

Motoring News | 5 Jul 2019

COE prices end mixed in weakened car market

Certificate of entitlement (COE) prices ended mixed as buyers returned to a weakened car market

Motoring News | 4 Jul 2019

Grab's e-scooter deployment raises concerns

A delay in getting an operating licence to rent out personal mobility devices (PMDs) has not stopped Grab from going ahead and making its own arrangements

Motoring News | 4 Jul 2019

ABB lands deals to build electric bus charging systems

The Swiss engineering group ABB has won contracts to provide local charging infrastructure for a fleet of 40 electric public buses

Motoring News | 3 Jul 2019

Platform door fault at Dover station causes morning delay on East-West line

Eastbound trains on the East-West MRT line skipped Dover station on Wednesday morning (July 3) because of a faulty platform screen door

Motoring News | 3 Jul 2019