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Vehicle Emissions Scheme to be extended by a year

The scheme designed to encourage the purchase of cars with lower emissions will be extended by one year to 31 December 2020.

Motoring News | 30 Oct 2019

Harsher penalties for irresponsible motorists

Motorists who drive dangerously can face harsher penalties from November following recent changes to the Road Traffic Act.

Motoring News | 25 Oct 2019

TTSH sees spike in PMD injuries in two years

In the first nine months of this year, 79 PMD riders were admitted to TTSH for injuries, a 70% increase in two years.

Motoring News | 22 Oct 2019

5 North East Line stations to close early on some days in November for maintenance works

Five North East Line stations will close early on some days in November, to facilitate track maintenance and component replacement works

Motoring News | 18 Oct 2019

Ez-link cards to lose $1 monthly in stored value two years after expiry, says issuer

Expired ez-link cards will lose $1 every month from the stored value two years after the transport payment cards have expired

Motoring News | 18 Oct 2019

LTA incurs $1 billion deficit in bus contracts

The shortfall of $1 billion comes as fare revenues fall far below the cost of government contracts awarded to transport firms.

Motoring News | 14 Oct 2019

More following shared-bike parking rules

The number of trips ending in indiscriminate bicycle parking has fallen significantly from 44% to 13% since the introduction of the QR code parking system.

Motoring News | 14 Oct 2019

Harder now for those under 16 to buy PMDs

27 major retailers of PMDs have pledged action, including restricting sales to those under 16, to help ease concerns over the devices and their usage.

Motoring News | 10 Oct 2019

Bus, train fares to rise by 7%

Bus and train fares will rise by 7% from 28 December, although the hike will be cushioned for more than 50% of Singaporeans who enjoy concessionary fares.

Motoring News | 9 Oct 2019

PMD ban may be hard to enforce

A complete ban on personal mobility devices is possible but would be difficult to enforce because of their widespread use.

Motoring News | 8 Oct 2019