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Services on North-South, Circle lines affected by power faults

The power fault was the first of three that struck the North-South and Circle lines, resulting in slow train services

Motoring News | 27 May 2019

Bus-only roads likely in the future

Roads accessible only to public buses could make an appearance here in future as part of efforts to improve bus speeds

Motoring News | 26 May 2019

Singapore, KL to suspend Rapid Transit System Link work until end-September

Malaysia will reimburse Singapore over $600,000 as part of agreement signed

Motoring News | 22 May 2019

Canberra station on North-South Line opening on Nov 2

The new Canberra station on the North-South Line will be opened on Nov 2, serving an estimated 17,000 homes in nearby estates

Motoring News | 21 May 2019

Quarter of SMRT's escalator upgrading completed, most to be done by end-2021

A quarter of of SMRT's escalator upgrading works have been completed, with most expected to be done by the end of 2021

Motoring News | 16 May 2019

SMRT picks StarHub veteran to steady HR after wave of resignations

Ms. Tan Ai Ling, previously from StarHub, will take over as SMRT's Chief of Human Resources from Mr. Tan Kian Heong

Motoring News | 16 May 2019

ComfortDelGro's Q1 profit up 6.2%

Revenue from public transport division grows by 11.6%; slide in turnover for taxi operations slows

Motoring News | 15 May 2019

Cab companies could be allowed to bid for COEs

Rule against this, implemented in 2012 to address complaints that it was driving up car premiums, said to be under review

Motoring News | 14 May 2019

Fewer cyclists hurt in accidents but more caught breaking rules

On average, four cyclists a day were caught flouting traffic rules in 2018

Motoring News | 13 May 2019

New incentives for rail commuters in congested areas who choose other modes of transport: LTA

Travel Smart Journeys will be introduced later this year, offering incentives for rail commuters in congested areas who choose other modes of transport

Motoring News | 10 May 2019