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Fatal accidents at record low, but elderly and motorcyclists still at risk

The number of fatal accidents and road deaths in 2019 has dropped to a record low, but the elderly and motorcyclists are still at risk.

Motoring News | 10 Feb 2020

Tougher penalties for errant PMD users

Errant users of PMDs will face more severe punishment, with bigger fines and longer jail terms for several offences.

Motoring News | 5 Feb 2020

Three stations on Thomson-East Coast Line open

The Woodlands North, Woodlands and Woodlands South stations on Singapore's newest MRT line have opened their doors to passengers.

Motoring News | 1 Feb 2020

Quarantined drivers to receive one-off allowance of at least $100

Taxi and private-hire operators will be providing a one-time allowance of at least $100 for any cabby or private-hire driver who needs to be quarantined.

Motoring News | 1 Feb 2020

ICA warns of major traffic delays at checkpoints during CNY

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority has warned that major traffic delays should be expected at checkpoints during Chinese New Year

Motoring News | 16 Jan 2020

Petrol stations revert to former rates as crude oil prices ease

With crude oil prices easing, retailers have reverted to the rates prior to the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani.

Motoring News | 14 Jan 2020

Thomson-East Coast Line stations open for preview

Visitors have been able to visit the Woodlands North, Woodlands and Woodlands South stations to familiarise themselves with their various entrances and exits.

Motoring News | 12 Jan 2020

Bicycle and e-bike accidents down slightly

Between Jan and Nov last year, there were 417 cases, down from 465 in same period in 2018

Motoring News | 10 Jan 2020

27 errant e-scooter riders caught since 1 January

A total of 27 errant e-scooter riders have been nabbed after enforcement on the e-scooter ban on footpaths kicked in on 1 January 2020.

Motoring News | 6 Jan 2020

LTA clarifies that unlicensed vehicles cannot provide cross-border services

Foreign-registered vehicles are not allowed to provide cross-border passenger transport services for hire or reward in Singapore without a valid licence.

Motoring News | 29 Dec 2019