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Bus and train ridership up, taxi rides down

Bus ridership in Singapore rose by 2.2 per cent to hit the four million mark for the first time in 2018

Motoring News | 13 Feb 2019

oBike's new owner applies for licence to run e-scooter service

Investor to shut down bike-share firm, start e-scooter sharing under new brand

Motoring News | 12 Feb 2019

No ERP charges for Upper Bukit Timah Road, 2 gantries on Marina Coastal Expressway during morning peak hours

The ERP rate for Upper Bukit Timah Road, which is $1 from 8am to 8.30am, will be removed

Motoring News | 12 Feb 2019

14 companies vying for PMD-sharing licence

Fourteen companies have applied to operate personal mobility device sharing services under the Land Transport Authority's device-sharing licence

Motoring News | 12 Feb 2019

MRT network hits new reliability standard

The MRT network hit a new high in a measure of reliability last year, with trains clocking an average of 690,000km between delays

Motoring News | 11 Feb 2019

Big-car COE hits 8-month high

Premiums for certificates of entitlement finished mostly higher in the latest tender despite the Chinese New Year break

Motoring News | 9 Feb 2019

More cars on the road, even as total number of vehicles falls

This is despite smaller supply of COEs; taxi and private-hire car numbers down

Motoring News | 5 Feb 2019

Brakes put on three of six bike-sharing companies

One has returned licence, another yet to put out bikes, LTA threatens to suspend the third

Motoring News | 4 Feb 2019

9 in Sengkang caught as new PMD rules kick in

Nine people in Sengkang have been caught as the new PMD rules kick in, with the footpath speed limit cut to 10km/h and a helmet compulsory for cycling on road

Motoring News | 2 Feb 2019

Foreign vehicles with outstanding fines may be denied entry from April 1

Beginning in April, foreign vehicles with outstanding fines for traffic, parking or vehicular emissions offences could be denied entry to Singapore

Motoring News | 2 Feb 2019