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Why I Will Not Give Up My Car

Dilemma of choosing to commute by public or private transport

Motoring Guides | 1 Jul 2013

'Heavenly' Road Pricing

Why satellite-based ERP (electronic road pricing) should be rolled out quickly and fully in Singapore

Motoring Guides | 1 Jul 2013

Machine Apocalypse Now

You may think that spiffy self-parking, self-driving car is cool but when the machine apocalypse happens, you won't be laughing

Motoring Guides | 1 Jul 2013

So You Think You Can Drive

This columnist feels there's a need for a mandatory IQ test to weed out the stupid drivers

Motoring Guides | 1 Jul 2013

Gas and Electricity

These two Audi prototypes are just the ticket for Iron Man and the meter man

Motoring Guides | 1 Jul 2013

Do Not Let the Haze Leave You in a Daze

The ongoing haze situation has affected the everyday lives of many, and activities such as driving have not been spared.

Motoring Guides | 25 Jun 2013

Common Driving Mistakes You Should Not Be Making

Duly take note of what we should not be doing when driving in order to prevent unnecessary mishaps.

Motoring Guides | 13 Jun 2013

How to revive a crashed car back to normal

Singapore has seen some plentiful accidents this year alone with some cars smashed beyond recognition or use

Motoring Guides | 12 Jun 2013

Road Rage

Find out more about road rage and realise the dangers and pitfalls of advocating such an unsavoury practice.

Motoring Guides | 11 Jun 2013

Pay a premium for a second car?

The divide between rich and poor is now front and centre in an ongoing review of car ownership policies. Goh Chin Lian reports on differing views of what a fair policy would look like

Motoring Guides | 8 Jun 2013