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Silent running

Driving in Asia can be stressful, to say the least, so Michelin believes a quiet and comfortable tyre will help restore some tranquillity

Motoring Guides | 19 Aug 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

Mumbai and Paris hold valuable lessons for Singapore's road users and traffic planners

Motoring Guides | 1 Aug 2013

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of

It's a tough time to be an Alfa Romeo fan these days, and things aren't looking up for the foreseeable future

Motoring Guides | 1 Aug 2013

Four Wheels Good, Two Legs Better?

This columnist compares the difference in commitment and enjoyment between having a car and having a child

Motoring Guides | 1 Aug 2013

Germanic Magic

The newest automotive developments by German firms ZF and Continental are a brilliant blend of engineering and enchantment

Motoring Guides | 1 Aug 2013

Dealing With Car Accidents the Smart Way

Acquiring proper and useful knowledge of what to do in the event of a motor accident will save you a whole lot of hassle and heartache

Motoring Guides | 24 Jul 2013

Distractions, Destruction

Avoid succumbing to these common forms of distraction during the course of driving to prevent any mishaps from plaguing and marring your otherwise perfect day

Motoring Guides | 19 Jul 2013

Auto Or Manual?

Driving either an automatic or manual vehicle brings with it a host of various respective advantages and disadvantages; knowledge of which will definitely serve you in good stead

Motoring Guides | 11 Jul 2013

A taxi in hand is worth two on the road

I got my driving licence in 1998, but continued happily taking cabs and public transport for a few more years

Motoring Guides | 7 Jul 2013

How to drive more cars onto the roads

Many people think that prices for certificates of entitlement to buy vehicles will decline from next year

Motoring Guides | 4 Jul 2013