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'Relatively' Speaking

Einstein's theory of relativity also applies when you buy a luxury car

Motoring Guides | 1 Oct 2013

The 'Lease' Of Your Worries

If you're priced out of the new car market, take heart - there are plenty of leasing options to explore

Motoring Guides | 1 Oct 2013

Turbocharger Refresher

Refresh your knowledge of automotive turbos right here

Motoring Guides | 1 Oct 2013

Peak Performer

With the Asymmetric 2, Goodyear has lowered tyre noise levels and improved dry performance while maintaining the Asymmetric brand’s superb grip and handling in wet conditions

Motoring Guides | 2 Sep 2013

Automobile Tuning Getaway

Mod fans should check out YHI's new Advanti Centre, which promises to be the enthusiast's one-stop shop for tyres, wheels and auto accessories

Motoring Guides | 2 Sep 2013

Changi Beached

Plans for a motorsports facility in Singapore have failed, and Singaporeans should be told why

Motoring Guides | 1 Sep 2013

Come Fly With Us

We trust the Americans and the French to make good airliners, and maybe reliable cars, too

Motoring Guides | 1 Sep 2013

Sporty, Potty

For this young mother, potty-training her daughter was like a time attack sprint with an imaginary chequered flag at the end

Motoring Guides | 1 Sep 2013

Silent running

Driving in Asia can be stressful, to say the least, so Michelin believes a quiet and comfortable tyre will help restore some tranquillity

Motoring Guides | 19 Aug 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

Mumbai and Paris hold valuable lessons for Singapore's road users and traffic planners

Motoring Guides | 1 Aug 2013