Volvo Car Reviews (55 listings)

Smooth operator

Volvo's V60 T5 Polestar delivers thrills without spills

Volvo Reviews | 16 Jul 2016

Volvo is still king of estate cars

The Volvo V90 is much like its S90 sedan sibling - just sexier and a lot more practical

Volvo Reviews | 2 Jul 2016

Volvo sedan enters premier league

With its stylish interior and cushy ride, Swedish carmaker's flagship S90 is primed to rival sedans by German competitors

Volvo Reviews | 11 Jun 2016

Sweeter diesel

The Volvo S60 sedan now has a 400Nm turbodiesel first found in the enormous XC90 SUV

Volvo Reviews | 21 May 2016

Pay for a sportier look

Volvo XC90 T6 R-Design performs the same as the T6 despite costing $25,000 more

Volvo Reviews | 13 Feb 2016

Small is more

Volvo's V40 T2 runs exceedingly well despite diminutive engine

Volvo Reviews | 24 Oct 2015

Scandinavian bruiser

Volvo's diesel XC90 feels stronger and more edgy than its petrol-driven T6 sibling

Volvo Reviews | 22 Aug 2015

Clever car

Volvo's new XC90 seven-seater warns driver of impending danger and takes control if alerts are ignored

Volvo Reviews | 1 Aug 2015

Efficient performer

The Volvo S80 T5 Drive-E offers both power and fuel efficiency

Volvo Reviews | 30 May 2015

Big sedan, small footprint

A 2-litre Volvo S80 hits 100kmh in 6.5 seconds and sips just 6.2 litres of fuel per 100km

Volvo Reviews | 9 May 2015