Volvo Car Reviews (53 listings)

The Value Volvo

The XC40 T4 is cheaper than the T5, but almost just as complete

Volvo Reviews | 10 Nov 2018

Volvo V40: V is for verve

Volvo's 2-litre V40 T4 R-Design is hotter than most hot hatches

Volvo Reviews | 4 Aug 2018

Rugged but sleek

Volvo's peachy and edgy XC40 ups the ante in the compact sport utility vehicle segment

Volvo Reviews | 3 Feb 2018

A Swede ride

Volvo's new XC60 gets pole position in a growing field of premium crossovers

Volvo Reviews | 9 Sep 2017

Volvo's new XC60 is relaxing ride loaded with hi-tech gadgetry

Volvo's second-generation XC60 is a medium-sized SUV with upscale attributes and high-quality amenities

Volvo Reviews | 10 Jun 2017

Wagon full of goodies

Volvo's V90 Cross Country is perfect for school runs - especially if school is off the beaten path

Volvo Reviews | 1 Apr 2017

Volvo's revised V40 Cross Country demands smooth road

Volvo's revised V40 Cross Country demands a smooth road or a strong back

Volvo Reviews | 29 Oct 2016

New Volvo S90 is high-tech, statuesque and a very Swede ride

Volvo's new S90 delivers class, performance and driveability in a statuesque, high-tech package

Volvo Reviews | 17 Sep 2016

Smooth operator

Volvo's V60 T5 Polestar delivers thrills without spills

Volvo Reviews | 16 Jul 2016

Volvo is still king of estate cars

The Volvo V90 is much like its S90 sedan sibling - just sexier and a lot more practical

Volvo Reviews | 2 Jul 2016