Volkswagen Car Reviews (127 listings)

Works wagon: Volkswagen's latest Touareg SUV

Volkswagen's latest Touareg SUV is high on features and quality, but relatively low on price

Volkswagen Reviews | 1 Jun 2019

Leisurely Polo: Volkswagen's latest entry model offers plenty of room and big-car features

Volkswagen's latest entry model offers plenty of room and big-car features, but could do with more oomph

Reviews | 24 Nov 2018

More Golf to enjoy

The Volkswagen Golf SV is adequately breezy for everyday use and is amply responsive

Volkswagen Reviews | 27 Oct 2018

Superb choice: Skoda's 3rd-generation flagship sedan

Skoda's third-generation flagship sedan lives up to its name

Skoda Reviews | 29 Sep 2018

A high-tech ride

Volkswagen's latest full-size sport utility vehicle is sleeker and comes with a drastically different cockpit

Volkswagen Reviews | 19 May 2018

R is for refined

Volkswagen's facelifted Golf R may be too civilised for a 290hp, 4.6-second racer

Volkswagen Reviews | 3 Mar 2018

The new Volkswagen Arteon - a Masterpiece or dud?

Volkswagen pitches its Arteon as an avant-garde grand tourer with lots of space

Volkswagen Reviews | 27 Jan 2018

Still a hoot

Volkswagen's Golf GTI gets more oomph after a mid-life facelift

Volkswagen Reviews | 2 Dec 2017

Golf on a charge

Volkswagen's plug-in hybrid Golf is a cultured performer and an economy champ

Volkswagen Reviews | 1 Jul 2017