Subaru Car Reviews (34 listings)

Speedy Scooby

This skilfully modified Impreza WRX is a fan's personal tribute to Subaru's WRC exploits

Subaru Reviews | 1 Feb 2013

BRZ breath of fresh air

From fluid design to hearty engine note, Subaru's rear-wheel-drive coupe pleases

Subaru Reviews | 31 Mar 2012

Teenage Adventure

Subaru’s first attempt at a compact crossover has resulted in a clever ‘teenager’ that holds plenty of promise

Subaru Reviews | 1 Feb 2012

Gadgets on the go

Functions such as reverse parking camera display and Bluetooth connection are draws for Subaru XV

Subaru Reviews | 17 Dec 2011

Light as a Forester

This Subaru SUV feels surprisingly nippy to handle and makes for decent city driving

Subaru Reviews | 8 Oct 2011

Special Spec

The appeal of Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C lies in its old-school charm

Subaru Reviews | 16 Jan 2010

Wife-friendly WRX

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI A-Line offers everyday useability

Subaru Reviews | 12 Dec 2009

Lost in transmission

The new automatic Subaru WRX STI is rather tame compared to its wild manual sibling

Subaru Reviews | 5 Dec 2009

Something in the way it moves

While everything onboard Subaru's Tribeca 3.6R looks good and works well, the SUV's steering could be improved

Subaru Reviews | 14 Nov 2009

More space, less pace

The Outback is easy to get in and easier to drive

Subaru Reviews | 10 Oct 2009