Subaru Car Reviews (34 listings)

Subaru's new Forester makes: No equal for its price

Subaru's new Forester makes driving an SUV in a concrete jungle more than pleasant

Subaru Reviews | 3 Nov 2018

Subaru's Forester grunt

Subaru's new Forester is more spacious, poised and refined, even if it remains frumpy

Subaru Reviews | 11 Aug 2018

Subaru XV: The eyes have it

Subaru's XV now comes with a bigger engine, stereo camera EyeSight driver assistance and a revised infotainment system

Subaru Reviews | 13 Jan 2018

XV marks the spot

Subaru's new compact crossover grows in size and bearing, with improved refinement and driveability all round

Subaru Reviews | 22 Jul 2017

XV shines again

Second-generation 2-litre Subaru XV is the latest suburban crossover from Japan

Subaru Reviews | 17 Jun 2017

New Subaru Impreza greatly improves on predecessor

Subaru's new family carrier is bigger, bolder and better all round

Subaru Reviews | 4 Feb 2017

Turbo wagon faceoff: Subaru's Levorg GT-S vs Volkswagen's Golf Variant R-Line

Which is better - the 1.6-litre Subaru Levorg GT-S or the 1.4-litre Volkswagen Golf Variant R-Line?

Reviews | 20 Aug 2016

Spiffier Sooby

Subaru's facelifted Forester has both street cred and runway sparkle

Subaru Reviews | 19 Mar 2016

Practical urban crossover

The facelifted Subaru XV has clever turn signal lights which give it a premium feel

Subaru Reviews | 30 Jan 2016

Not a bland wagon

Subaru's Levorg has a 1,600cc 'Boxer' engine, all-wheel-drive and fine design

Subaru Reviews | 23 Jan 2016