Skoda Car Reviews (24 listings)

Say yes to Yeti

Skoda SUV in 1.8-litre version combines performance with functionality and space

Skoda Reviews | 26 May 2012

Added Value

This Skoda saloon gives you more bang for your buck after a new engine and gearbox transplant

Skoda Reviews | 1 Mar 2012

Superb value for money

For its price, the new Skoda offers one of the best deals in terms of quality and goodies

Skoda Reviews | 17 Dec 2011

Get cosy in this petite wagon

Despite its uninspiring design, the Skoda Fabia Combi woos with its price and driveability

Skoda Reviews | 7 May 2011

Pocket rocket

Skoda's Fabia RS is a hot hatch offering decent ride comfort and enough power to keep most drivers entertained

Skoda Reviews | 16 Apr 2011

Super Combi

Skoda’s first premium estate set to upset market leaders

Skoda Reviews | 17 Jul 2010

A Different Beast

The front-wheel-drive, high-riding Å koda Yeti manages to produce car-like handling

Skoda Reviews | 10 Jul 2010

Friendly Bigfoot on wheels

The Skoda Yeti is really likeable, once you get past its boxy frame and kooky name

Skoda Reviews | 3 Jul 2010

Fabulously fun Fabia

Petite but perky, Skoda hatch offers more bang for your buck

Skoda Reviews | 3 Jul 2010

Creative accounting

Unusual accessories make Skoda Octavia pricier than VW rivals

Skoda Reviews | 5 Sep 2009