Opel Car Reviews (28 listings)

Opel's 1.5-litre Insignia is big on performance

Opel's big Insignia sedan is now available with a surprisingly spritely 1.5-litre engine

Opel Reviews | 14 Apr 2018

Opel Grandland X: Grandly equipped meister

Opel's Grandland X is a powerhouse of upmarket features in a value-for-money package

Opel Reviews | 17 Mar 2018

No one snaps a photo of the rare Opel Insignia - but it's really quite peachy

Opel's new Insignia compares well against its rivals in terms of driveability and refinement

Opel Reviews | 6 Jan 2018

Another hit Opel

Mokka X is the German brand's encore to the award-winning Astra

Opel Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

Cute and nimble

Opel's mini city car takes a fresh spin on urban mobility

Opel Reviews | 9 Jul 2016

One-litre cars make a comeback

Opel's 999cc Astra hatch and Sports Tourer estate are perfect for those who want to reduce their road tax and carbon footprint

Reviews | 2 Jul 2016

Gem of an Opel

The new Astra looks good, drives well and is superbly finished and furnished

Opel Reviews | 4 Jun 2016

Prime estate

Opel's new Astra Sports Tourer is a compact estate which is spacious and fun to drive

Opel Reviews | 26 Mar 2016

Opel sesame

A new engine qualifies Opel for entry into Cat A with the latest Meriva

Opel Reviews | 30 Mar 2015

Making a grand entrance

Opel's new tall hatch offers a touch of class with coach doors that swing open to almost right angles

Opel Reviews | 30 Mar 2015