Nissan Car Reviews (51 listings)

Nissan Serena e-Power among the squarest cars in town

Nissan's Serena e-Power is a cool electric seven-seater with a long range and an enormous cabin

Nissan Reviews | 29 Sep 2019

Turn to this new Leaf

Nissan's second-generation Leaf is not the cheapest mass market electric car, but it has many things going for it

Nissan Reviews | 18 May 2019

Elegant Nissan Leaf is green too

The new Nissan Leaf has 110kW of power and a real-world driving range of at least 250km

Nissan Reviews | 5 Jan 2019

Qashqai cachet

Nissan's compact crossover is even more alluring after a facelift

Nissan Reviews | 16 Sep 2017

EV unplugged

Nissan Note e-Power operates like an electric vehicle that does not need to be plugged in

Nissan Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

Punchy Pulsar

Nissan's long-absent family hatch makes a thrilling comeback

Nissan Reviews | 7 Jan 2017

New Infiniti coupe is fast and resolutely sporty

The Infiniti Q60 goes like a GT-R lite in a comfortable business suit

Infiniti Reviews | 8 Oct 2016

Nissan rolls out luxury contender with a diesel engine

Infiniti's 1.5-litre turbodiesel Q30 is a decent starter for those who want a branded car without breaking the bank

Infiniti Reviews | 1 Oct 2016

Wannabe racer

The Nissan Sylphy SSS offers more oomph and equipment

Nissan Reviews | 4 Apr 2015