Lotus Car Reviews (8 listings)

One with the force

Bigger, badder Lotus Exige remains a hugely visceral drive

Lotus Reviews | 16 Dec 2013

Evocative Evora

An Esprit it is not, but this stunner of a Lotus supercar is a breeze to handle

Lotus Reviews | 20 Aug 2011

For the purists

The super-connected 1.6-litre Lotus Elise is still more for petrolheads than the masses

Lotus Reviews | 14 Aug 2010

Dare to be different

Lotus' stunning Evora is unique because of its mid-engine, rear-wheel 2+2 configuration

Lotus Reviews | 6 Jun 2009

The new Lotus position

The new Evora is a radical departure from the more race-oriented models the British carmaker has been producing

Lotus Reviews | 6 Jun 2009

Proton Savvy - My first Lotus'? Not exactly

Calling the Savvy 'My first Lotus' may seem a bit of a stretch, but there is actually some truth to it

Proton Reviews | 18 Feb 2006

Lotus puts the ease into its new Elise

It's got power windows, a remote key and even a cupholder along with all that racy power

Lotus Reviews | 4 Dec 2004

A new Lotus position

The new Elise 111R comes with power windows, central locking and even ABS brakes

Lotus Reviews | 4 Sep 2004