Lexus Car Reviews (91 listings)

The return of a classic

The Lexus ES250 marks the end of a 7-years hiatus

Lexus Reviews | 28 Oct 2013

Pop car

The re-introduction of the Lexus ES sedan here marks the return of a popular model

Lexus Reviews | 30 Sep 2013

This IS a winner

It has taken Lexus many attempts at carving itself a niche in a segment dominated by the BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-class and Audi A4

Lexus Reviews | 5 Aug 2013

Junior Lexus Hits Sweet Spot

Lexus' new IS saloon has an optimum set of sport-luxury qualities

Lexus Reviews | 1 May 2013

Master of the Lexus universe

Drive Meister Yoshiaki Ito is responsible for the dynamic performance of all Lexus models

Lexus Reviews | 30 Mar 2013

Junior Lexus hits sweet spot

Lexus' new IS has what it takes to outgun its key German competitors

Lexus Reviews | 30 Mar 2013

A new Lexus flagship

The LS460 with its reworked 4.6-litre V8 engine promises to be even quieter and more refined

Lexus Reviews | 5 Jan 2013

Luxury with a conscience

The RX hybrid lets drivers enjoy the refinement and power of an SUV, minus the guilt associated with this supposedly “eco-unfriendly” vehicle

Lexus Reviews | 1 Nov 2012

Lexus refined

The flagship sedan of the Japanese luxury carmaker has been updated so extensively that it drives and rides like a different car

Lexus Reviews | 18 Aug 2012

The Sporty F

The F badge is found only on top-of-the-line Lexus models, those that the Japanese luxury carmaker say have been engineered for function and performance so as to impart real driving excitement

Lexus Reviews | 4 Aug 2012