Lexus Car Reviews (91 listings)

A new form of luxury

The new Lexus NX combines traditional luxury with high-tech features to achieve a different level of desirability

Lexus Reviews | 8 Nov 2014

A hipper hybrid

The NX300h offers the familiar Lexus hybrid technology in an exciting new body

Lexus Reviews | 13 Sep 2014

Racy coupes from Lexus

Toyota's luxe brand goes sporty with the RC350 and RC F two-doors, which are effortless and rewarding to drive

Lexus Reviews | 6 Sep 2014

Eco crossover

Lexus' NX300h delivers efficiency at the expense of excitement

Lexus Reviews | 11 Aug 2014

A hotter hybrid

The Lexus CT200h gets a makeover and sportier handling

Lexus Reviews | 21 Jul 2014

Cool crossover

The Lexus NX is an SUV that is surprisingly sporty and stylish

Lexus Reviews | 14 Jul 2014

A very different Lexus

The Lexus NX200t gets a turbocharged engine and revolutionary styling

Lexus Reviews | 14 Jul 2014

Revamped Lexus a winner

After tweaks, CT200h remains restrained to maintain economy

Lexus Reviews | 9 Jun 2014

Sporty luxury

The Lexus IS250 F Sport is the sportiest manifestation of the IS range

Lexus Reviews | 13 Jan 2014

Efficient luxury

The Lexus ES300h hybrid combines luxurious space with frugal performance

Lexus Reviews | 6 Jan 2014