Lexus Car Reviews (91 listings)

Smooth ride in a self-driving car

The journey on a Tokyo expressway is smooth and safe, without any need for the test driver to take over

Toyota Reviews | 14 Nov 2015

The look of verve

Lexus ES is more energetic and youthful-looking after early makeover

Lexus Reviews | 24 Oct 2015

Fast but not furious

Lexus blends sportiness and cushiness in the new GS F

Lexus Reviews | 17 Oct 2015

New Lexus RX looks to be a hit with SUV fans

The new RX is one of the best SUVs to relax in, be it on perfect tarmac or broken bitumen

Lexus Reviews | 12 Sep 2015

F and furious

The high-performance Lexus RC F reveals its true colours during track day at Sepang

Lexus Reviews | 9 May 2015

Wind of change

NX200t charts own course as Lexus' first turbo model

Lexus Reviews | 2 May 2015

All natural alternative

While other brands go down the turbocharged road, the Lexus RC F offers a naturally aspirated V8 engine

Lexus Reviews | 16 Mar 2015

Wild child

RC F is a Lexus offspring that bears little resemblance to its siblings

Lexus Reviews | 16 Feb 2015

A Lexus Coup

The Lexus RC350 luxury coupe's badge and styling means it is a refreshingly different alternative

Lexus Reviews | 20 Jan 2015

The NX chapter

Lexus' first compact crossover looks to be a runaway hit

Lexus Reviews | 22 Nov 2014