Lexus Car Reviews (91 listings)

Coupe with charm

Lexus' RC Turbo offers credible performance with a downsized engine

Lexus Reviews | 15 Apr 2017

Sporty and stylish

Lexus' facelifted IS has the looks to go with the goods

Lexus Reviews | 18 Mar 2017

Lexus LC best drive in its class

The Lexus LC is a well-engineered coupe that turns heads

Reviews | 17 Dec 2016

Lexus' revamped GS350 is a seductive sedan

Lexus' revamped GS350 offers an intoxicating mix of luxury, comfort and performance

Lexus Reviews | 22 Oct 2016

Breathe easy

Lexus' RX350 proves that turbocharging is not the only route to motoring happiness

Lexus Reviews | 8 Oct 2016

Pitch perfect

Lexus' GS F strikes all the right notes

Lexus Reviews | 23 Apr 2016

Leaner, meaner Lexus GS

The mid-sized performance sedan gets a smaller but punchier engine, eight-speed gearbox and cosmetic makeover

Lexus Reviews | 9 Apr 2016

Leaner and meaner

Lexus' junior executive sedan gets a 2-litre turbo paired with eight-speed transmission

Lexus Reviews | 6 Feb 2016

Hey, good looking

Lexus' latest RX pushes all the right buttons and gives its competitors a run for their money

Lexus Reviews | 16 Jan 2016

From sedate to sporty

After a facelift, the Lexus ES250 impresses with its premium amenities

Lexus Reviews | 21 Nov 2015