Jeep Car Reviews (18 listings)

Jeep thrills

The latest Wrangler comes with a host of rugged features and its own blend of excitement and fun

Jeep Reviews | 15 Jun 2019

Compass points the way for Jeep

The new compact SUV has up-to-date features packaged in a modern shape

Jeep Reviews | 12 May 2018

Jeep thrills

The Jeep Renegade is rugged, roomy and a competent road warrior

Jeep Reviews | 20 May 2017

Fast Lane: New sexy Clio, Jeep's top-of-the-range Cherokee Overland, Elemental's lightweight Rp1 sports car

Renault's new Clio is possibly the sexiest version in the bestseller's 25-year history

Reviews | 18 Jun 2016

On a rocky road in a Cherokee

Convoy of off-road vehicles travels on rugged trails over rocky outcrops and sandy flats in Jeep Experience 2015

Jeep Reviews | 14 Nov 2015

Honey, I shrunk the Jeep

The Italian-made Renegade is Jeep's first compact SUV

Jeep Reviews | 20 Jun 2015

Urban warrior

Latest Cherokee has relatively small engine for a Jeep but is still built for off-road forays

Jeep Reviews | 20 Sep 2014

Summit of the Americas

They blend off-road ruggedness with refinement and on-road versatility. Samuel Ee drives three full-fledged SUVs

Jeep Reviews | 4 Nov 2013

The classier Jeep

The Grand Cherokee Summit is the marque's biggest effort in climbing the social ladder

Jeep Reviews | 14 Oct 2013

Jeep Compass changes path

Latest version of SUV sheds its distinct rough-and-tough image and no longer feels like part of the classic American brand

Jeep Reviews | 14 Jul 2012