Jaguar Car Reviews (51 listings)

Jaguar's first electric car I-Pace is an ace

Jaguar's first electric car makes going green fun, painless and quite fashionable

Jaguar Reviews | 20 Jan 2019

Electric SUV Jaguar I-Pace is leader of the pack

The Jaguar I-Pace has striking good looks, setting the sporty styling tone for electric SUVs

Jaguar Reviews | 16 Jun 2018

Cub with claws

Jaguar's E-Pace may be a junior crossover, but it is fiercer, sharper and louder than its F-Pace big brother

Jaguar Reviews | 31 Mar 2018

Leader or follower? Jaguar enters the compact SUV segment

Jaguar enters crowded compact crossover segment with sporty and stylish E-Pace

Jaguar Reviews | 3 Feb 2018

Jaguar's F-Type 2.0 Coupe is a small wonder

Jaguar's entry-level F-Type Coupe wins hearts despite its relatively modest engine

Jaguar Reviews | 9 Dec 2017

Value proposition

Jaguar's punchy, but less polished, version of its F-Pace SUV comes with a 2-litre, two-wheel-drive powertrain

Jaguar Reviews | 18 Nov 2017

F-type personality

Jaguar's 2-litre F-Type is stylish, sporty and more suited for daily use than its bigger siblings

Jaguar Reviews | 5 Aug 2017

Jag with attitude and altitude

The F-Pace is a mountain lion of a Jaguar 20 years in the making

Jaguar Reviews | 23 Jul 2016

Jaguar's F-Type SVR offers high performance and easy handling

The F-Type SVR is a 700Nm machine suited for both track work and Sunday cruises

Jaguar Reviews | 18 Jun 2016