Honda Car Reviews (45 listings)

Agreeable Honda Accord

Honda's 10th-generation executive sedan delivers space and comfort with a 1.5-litre turbo engine

Honda Reviews | 12 Oct 2019

Rarefied racer: Honda's latest Civic Type R

Honda's latest Civic Type R offers an uncommon blend of everyday usability and hair-raising performance

Honda Reviews | 2 Jun 2018

New Honda CR-V seven-seater is punchy and looks good

Honda CR-V crossover evolves into seven-seater to outdo MPVs and other SUVs

Honda Reviews | 16 Sep 2017

Honda Civic Type R: True to type

The new Honda Civic Type R is a racy hatchback for boy racers who refuse to grow up or slow down

Honda Reviews | 8 Jul 2017

Return of the Honda HR-V

Honda's Japan-made crossover is more powerful, more efficient, better equipped and priced more competitively than before

Honda Reviews | 3 Sep 2016

Strong and fabulous

Honda's latest Civic offers pace and space in one alluring package

Honda Reviews | 27 Aug 2016

Honda's new NSX is a speedy sportster

Honda's new NSX blends sophistication with simplicity to produce speed like no other car

Honda Reviews | 6 Aug 2016

Honda's Jade combines verve with versatility

Car owners looking for a spacious, classy wagon might find Honda's new six-seater an attractive option

Honda Reviews | 11 Jun 2016

Most expensive Legend

The $360,000 Legend offers limo-like legroom, a 14-speaker sound system and three electric motors

Honda Reviews | 30 Jan 2016

Half A Honda

The HR-V has all the bells and whistles but not the complete Honda formula

Honda Reviews | 27 Jun 2015