Ford Car Reviews (37 listings)

Ford Ranger hard to resist for its novelty factor, sheer size

Ford's massive Ranger is hard to resist, if nothing else, for its novelty factor and sheer size

Ford Reviews | 27 Apr 2019

Must-have Mustang

Ford's iconic coupe is more polished and engaging after facelift

Ford Reviews | 20 Apr 2019

Ford's new Mustang GT Convertible sets the tone for a driving holiday

A Ford Mustang GT Convertible sets the tone for a driving holiday in Melbourne

Ford Reviews | 9 Dec 2017

Driving a legend

Ford's Mustang is an alluring car despite its imperfections

Ford Reviews | 13 Aug 2016

Focus not as sharp

Ford's Golf-sized hatch gains a pint-sized engine but loses some zest

Ford Reviews | 23 Apr 2016

C-Max gets an A

Ford's compact MPV is a decent family carriage with features found in a luxury car

Ford Reviews | 9 Apr 2016

Value for money

Ford's 1.5-litre version of Mondeo offers better value despite not being as spritely as its 2-litre twin

Ford Reviews | 7 Nov 2015

Fastback high five

Ford's Mondeo Five-Door is a hot alternative to pricier premium sedans

Ford Reviews | 20 Jun 2015

Gem of a Ford

The Kuga SUV surprises with luxurious build, refinement and drive

Ford Reviews | 6 Jun 2015

Modern Mondeo

Ford's new Passat beater has a host of new features and lots of style

Ford Reviews | 30 Mar 2015