Ford Car Reviews (36 listings)

Must-have Mustang

Ford's iconic coupe is more polished and engaging after facelift

Ford Reviews | 20 Apr 2019

Ford's new Mustang GT Convertible sets the tone for a driving holiday

A Ford Mustang GT Convertible sets the tone for a driving holiday in Melbourne

Ford Reviews | 9 Dec 2017

Driving a legend

Ford's Mustang is an alluring car despite its imperfections

Ford Reviews | 13 Aug 2016

Focus not as sharp

Ford's Golf-sized hatch gains a pint-sized engine but loses some zest

Ford Reviews | 23 Apr 2016

C-Max gets an A

Ford's compact MPV is a decent family carriage with features found in a luxury car

Ford Reviews | 9 Apr 2016

Value for money

Ford's 1.5-litre version of Mondeo offers better value despite not being as spritely as its 2-litre twin

Ford Reviews | 7 Nov 2015

Fastback high five

Ford's Mondeo Five-Door is a hot alternative to pricier premium sedans

Ford Reviews | 20 Jun 2015

Gem of a Ford

The Kuga SUV surprises with luxurious build, refinement and drive

Ford Reviews | 6 Jun 2015

Modern Mondeo

Ford's new Passat beater has a host of new features and lots of style

Ford Reviews | 30 Mar 2015

Horse power

New Ford Mustang gallops with a high-calorie, 5-litre V8 or a low-fat, 2.3-litre turbo four-cylinder

Ford Reviews | 4 Oct 2014