Fiat Car Reviews (7 listings)

The cost of looking cool

Young, sexy and Italian - auto fashionistas are likely to fall for the Fiat 500C

Fiat Reviews | 9 Jan 2010

Fiat's formula for success

Decked out in sports-car finery, the Fiat 500 1.4 F1 edition attracts as many eyeballs as a Ferrari

Fiat Reviews | 27 Sep 2008

Bravo! This ‘new Fiat’ is fun, yet practical

With their increasing refinement and sportier positioning, some mainstream Continental marques are becoming more relevant to Singapore buyers

Fiat Reviews | 28 Jul 2007

Fiat makes a Grande entrance with new Punto

The ELEGANT new Fiat Grande Punto

Fiat Reviews | 24 Jun 2006

Fiat rides on Schumacher style

The Fiat Stilo Michael Schumacher Limited Edition will have a production run of 3,500 and local distributor TTS Eurocars has secured 50 units

Fiat Reviews | 3 Sep 2005

Fiat Pandas to city drivers

New kid on the block even looks like an office cubicle on wheels

Fiat Reviews | 20 Aug 2005

Fiat's Ulysse caps a great Odyssey

The Italian marque is back with a product that's built by the French and feels like something German

Fiat Reviews | 21 May 2005