Ds Car Reviews (59 listings)

Topless wonder: BMW's i8 Roadster

BMW's i8 Roadster is a 1.5-litre petrol-electric hybrid with sports car credentials

BMW Reviews | 17 Nov 2018

Opel's 1.5-litre Insignia is big on performance

Opel's big Insignia sedan is now available with a surprisingly spritely 1.5-litre engine

Opel Reviews | 14 Apr 2018

Airy-fairy French ride

DS3 Cabrio is a car that lets you see the light if you can get past its flaws

Citroen Reviews | 20 May 2017

Mercedes' new E-class Coupe is handsome, spacious, responsive

Unlike its predecessor, the new Mercedes-Benz E-class Coupe is a proper two-door luxury cruiser with the latest technology

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 18 Mar 2017

Mercedes-Benz gives SLK roadster fresh start

Mercedes-Benz refreshes compact roadster range with a new name and a dramatically new look

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 26 Nov 2016

Volvo's revised V40 Cross Country demands smooth road

Volvo's revised V40 Cross Country demands a smooth road or a strong back

Volvo Reviews | 29 Oct 2016

Citroen's new face

The DS4 Crossback is designed with fine touches that make it stand out

Citroen Reviews | 9 Jul 2016

Fast Lane: New sexy Clio, Jeep's top-of-the-range Cherokee Overland, Elemental's lightweight Rp1 sports car

Renault's new Clio is possibly the sexiest version in the bestseller's 25-year history

Reviews | 18 Jun 2016

Top down, thumbs up

Audi's latest TT Roadster is a lot more fun at the wheel than its predecessor

Audi Reviews | 9 Jan 2016

Roadster redux

Mazda goes back to basics with the fourth-generation MX-5

Mazda Reviews | 5 Sep 2015