Chevrolet Car Reviews (22 listings)

Chevrolet Malibu a breeze to drive

The new Chevrolet Malibu sedan looks sleeker, drives better and is more comfortable than its predecessor

Chevrolet Reviews | 25 Jun 2016

Sonic youth with a presence

Chevrolet's subcompact saloon is aimed at drivers who are young at heart

Chevrolet Reviews | 5 Jan 2015

Refined people mover

The Chevrolet Orlando 1.4 Turbo is much perkier than the previous 1.8 model

Chevrolet Reviews | 23 Dec 2013

Breezier, better Cruze

Chevy's turbo 1.4-litre sedan shows less can definitely be more

Chevrolet Reviews | 21 Oct 2013

California dreamin'

The word Malibu conjures up images of sandy, surfy beaches flanked by the great blue on one side and dream houses on the other. It is a name General Motors has chosen for its latest world car

Chevrolet Reviews | 26 Aug 2013

Korean Golf Rematch

These three players are once again competing to be the "Asian Golf" champion, but which one of them will outperform the rest?

Hyundai Reviews | 1 Dec 2012

The Volt Age

This Chevrolet model is a plug-in electric vehicle with a range extender engine

Chevrolet Reviews | 3 Nov 2012

Orlando Style

The Chevy Orlando does what it is meant to do – and does it very well

Chevrolet Reviews | 1 Oct 2011

Chevy for the family

Chevrolet elbows its way into the compact MPV segment with the seven-seater Orlando

Chevrolet Reviews | 17 Sep 2011

Compelling Captiva

Tasteful tweaks and a new engine make the Chevrolet Captiva an attractive budget SUV

Chevrolet Reviews | 30 Apr 2011