Bmw Car Reviews (232 listings)

BMW X5 extraordinaire

BMW's latest multi-seat all-terrain X5 is a massive, handsome beast which doles out heaps of sportiness, comfort and utility

BMW Reviews | 25 May 2019

BMW's new 3-series: Three's a crowd pleaser

BMW's new 3-series may not drive as brilliantly as its predecessors, but it is a lot of car for the buck

BMW Reviews | 20 Apr 2019

BMW's 8-series convertible: Alfresco with flair

BMW's 8-series convertible is a class act with a plush ride and punchy performance

BMW Reviews | 13 Apr 2019

Bold makeover

BMW's flagship 7 Series model gets a mid-life revamp that includes a radical grille design, more advanced technology and better refinement

BMW Reviews | 6 Apr 2019

BMW's biggest sport utility vehicle X7 excels

BMW's biggest sport utility vehicle offers luxury for up to seven and competent handling for the one at the wheel

BMW Reviews | 23 Mar 2019

Classy racer: The new BMW 8-series

BMW's new 8-series exudes grandeur, sophistication and intensity

BMW Reviews | 16 Mar 2019

BMW M2's fierce Competition

If it ain't broke, make it better - that seems to be what BMW has done for its M2 Competition

BMW Reviews | 25 Feb 2019

BMW's second-generation X4 is in a league of its own

BMW's second-generation X4 is sleeker, quicker and more refined

Reviews | 2 Feb 2019

Improved bestseller

BMW's 3-series gets classier and more high-tech and has better driving dynamics

BMW Reviews | 15 Dec 2018

Aristocratic Alpina

The B5 Biturbo has more power than the BMW M5, but it does not like to be driven fast

Others Reviews | 1 Dec 2018