Bmw Car Reviews (241 listings)

Power to the four

The X2 M35i crossover hits 100km/h in 4.9 seconds with the most powerful four-cylinder in BMW's arsenal.

BMW Reviews | 26 Oct 2019

BMW M8 Competition Coupe and Convertible: Upping the competition

The BMW M8 Competition Coupe and Convertible pull no punches in their assault on the two-door GT segment

BMW Reviews | 12 Oct 2019

Spruced up BMW X1

The BMW X1 drives well with little body roll for an SUV and the steering is meaty with sufficient feedback

BMW Reviews | 5 Oct 2019

BMW 840i Gran Coupe takes shine off competitors with stylish design

With a longer wheelbase and two more doors, BMW's elegant and sporty 8-series Gran Coupe is set to wow

BMW Reviews | 29 Sep 2019

BMW's 330i Luxury a more appealing option than 330i M Sport

BMW's 330i Luxury offers a ride that is gentler on the back and your wallet than the 330i M Sport

BMW Reviews | 22 Sep 2019

Massive endeavour

BMW's facelifted 7 packs more luxury and gizmos within a bigger, bolder exterior

BMW Reviews | 2 Sep 2019

Beemer with the X factor

ith a 3.1m wheelbase, the BMW X7 accommodates three rows of seats. Unlike most three-row cars, it has a decent amount of stowage even when all seats are in use

BMW Reviews | 13 Aug 2019

Z for zest

The new BMW Z4 delivers open-top motoring freedom at one touch of a button.

BMW Reviews | 29 Jul 2019

BMW 1-series: One for the road

Switching to front-wheel-drive has not dulled BMW's 1-series

BMW Reviews | 22 Jul 2019

BMW X5 extraordinaire

BMW's latest multi-seat all-terrain X5 is a massive, handsome beast which doles out heaps of sportiness, comfort and utility

BMW Reviews | 25 May 2019