Bmw Car Reviews (225 listings)

BMW's second-generation X4 is in a league of its own

BMW's second-generation X4 is sleeker, quicker and more refined

Reviews | 2 Feb 2019

Improved bestseller

BMW's 3-series gets classier and more high-tech and has better driving dynamics

BMW Reviews | 15 Dec 2018

Aristocratic Alpina

The B5 Biturbo has more power than the BMW M5, but it does not like to be driven fast

Others Reviews | 1 Dec 2018

Topless wonder: BMW's i8 Roadster

BMW's i8 Roadster is a 1.5-litre petrol-electric hybrid with sports car credentials

BMW Reviews | 17 Nov 2018

Z4 hits the sweet spot

BMW's third-generation roadster is a soft top with a hardcore approach to fun

BMW Reviews | 10 Nov 2018

Less show, more go: BMW's second 8-series

BMW's second 8-series may not pack as big a wow factor as its predecessor, but it has near-supercar performance

BMW Reviews | 3 Nov 2018

BMW's new extraordinary X5

BMW's new X5 is sportier, cushier and almost clever enough to hold a conversation

BMW Reviews | 8 Oct 2018

BMW i3: Assault with battery

The i3s is BMW's take on a car which is heavy on performance, light on carbon

BMW Reviews | 20 Aug 2018

New BMW X4 offers sleeker lines and a sportier drive

New BMW X4 offers sleeker lines and a sportier drive as well as more space than before

BMW Reviews | 7 Jul 2018

Monster sedan BMW M5 an easier drive

BMW adds all-wheel-drive and subtracts weight to make new and bigger M5 more driveable when the going gets tough

BMW Reviews | 9 Jun 2018