Bmw alpina Car Reviews (6 listings)

Aristocratic Alpina

The B5 Biturbo has more power than the BMW M5, but it does not like to be driven fast

Others Reviews | 1 Dec 2018

Price of rarity

With fewer than 10 BMW Alpina XD3s registered here, the elusive SUV costing $370,800 is perfect for those who want to stand out

BMW Reviews | 8 Apr 2017

Quick and quirky

The Alpina B3 Biturbo Touring offers room, vroom and a queer stop-start function

BMW Reviews | 6 Aug 2016

Take one for stress relief

Alpina's well-mannnered B4 Coupe is just what the doctor ordered

BMW Reviews | 16 May 2015

Delectable D5

BMW Alpina's bi-turbo diesel is limo and sporty sedan rolled into one luxurious package

BMW Reviews | 13 Sep 2014

Flying high with Alpina

BMW Alpina B3 scales new heights in the exclusivity game

BMW Reviews | 9 Dec 2013