Bentley Car Reviews (41 listings)

Still a luxe barge

A smaller, less powerful engine does not diminish the appeal of a Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Reviews | 29 Jun 2019

SUV on Speed

Bentley's Bentayga Speed is a 12-cylinder luxury behemoth that performs astonishingly well on a racetrack

Bentley Reviews | 15 Jun 2019

Beauty and a beast: Bentley's 3rd-generation Continental GT

Bentley's new Continental GTC has a beautiful body and a lethal powertrain

Bentley Reviews | 2 Mar 2019

Bentley Continental GT is a game changer

The new Bentley Continental GT is more powerful and fuel-efficient, thanks to the new W12 engine

Bentley Reviews | 12 May 2018

Bentley Bentayga V8: Lighter heavyweight

Bentley's new petrol V8 Bentayga is the cream of the rarefied crop

Bentley Reviews | 10 Mar 2018

Sleek and svelte

Bentley's new Continental GT is a larger car with more cabin room, yet is 80kg lighter

Bentley Reviews | 2 Sep 2017

The seven-seater Bentley Bentayga Diesel is fit for a sultan

Bentley's turbodiesel Bentayga is a seven-seater with an opulent interior

Bentley Reviews | 3 Jun 2017

Beauty in a beast

Bentley's elephantine Flying Spur V8S moves with the grace and speed of a cheetah

Bentley Reviews | 29 Apr 2017

Mountain of a Bentley

The Bentayga is a class act of an SUV in both luxury and driveability

Bentley Reviews | 30 Jul 2016

Continental appeal

Bentley's Continental GT coupes and GTC convertibles have been updated with more bling in the cabin and on-board Wi-Fi

Bentley Reviews | 20 Feb 2016