Audi Car Reviews (215 listings)

Room and vroom: Audi's new A7 Sportback

Audi's new A7 Sportback mixes practicality with sportiness to carve a niche in the four-door coupe segment

Audi Reviews | 17 Nov 2018

Alluring A8: Audi's new limousine

Audi's new limousine is a veritable luxe barge brimming with tech and personality

Audi Reviews | 22 Sep 2018

Fast and formidable Audi RS4

Audi's recipe for a powerful and practical car remains unadulterated in the RS4 Avant

Audi Reviews | 30 Jun 2018

Sporty and comfy

Audi's latest A6 executive sedan is mildly electrified to deliver comfort and efficiency

Audi Reviews | 19 May 2018

Audi's A4: Good, clean fun

Audi's 2-litre A4 proves that downsizing is not the only route to efficiency

Audi Reviews | 21 Apr 2018

Stylish Seven: Audi's new A7 Sportback is a tech powerhouse

Audi's new A7 Sportback is a tech powerhouse, an LED light show and a potential economy champ

Audi Reviews | 24 Feb 2018

Silken slayer

Audi's latest RS5 Coupe is cushy and crushing

Audi Reviews | 10 Feb 2018

Small wonder

The entry-level Audi TT is an entertaining car despite a smaller engine and lack of all-wheel-drive

Audi Reviews | 25 Nov 2017

The new Audi SQ5 confuses and delights

The Audi SQ5 should go down well with folks who want to have their cake and eat it too

Audi Reviews | 28 Oct 2017

Audi S5 Sportback: Sleek and almost sensational

Audi's S5 Sportback has sufficient grunt and refinement, but still has some way to go in the wow factor for a $300,000 car

Audi Reviews | 21 Oct 2017