Alfa romeo Car Reviews (12 listings)

Taller order of brio

But Alfa Romeo's 510hp Stelvio Quadrifoglio seems to pull punches

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 13 Jul 2019

Edgy racer

Alfa Romeo bets on a revival with the Ferrari-mimicking Giulia

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 24 Mar 2018

Muted hatch

Alfa's new Giulietta QV is a little less beguiling despite being more capable

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 8 Aug 2015

Roar of the wild

The new Alfa Romeo 4C is a car that allows you to feel every fibre of its being

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 9 Mar 2015

A1 Alfa

The Alfa Romeo 4C has striking styling and kart-like handling

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 12 Jan 2015

Light entertainment

Alfa Romeo's lightweight 4C is a stunner that is a blast on the road

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 30 Sep 2013

Romeo & Giulietta

Alfa romances our good doctor with its handsome new hatchback

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 1 Jun 2012

Alfa Romeo's sweet Giulietta

Charming new hatch could win back fans for the marque with its good looks and sporty handling

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 19 May 2012

Veto the MiTo

The highly anticipated twin-clutch autobox in the Alfa Romeo MiTo MultiAir is a huge letdown

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 20 Nov 2010

Mighty MiTo

MiTo MultiAir can be set up for sporty or comfort preferences

Alfa Romeo Reviews | 13 Nov 2010