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This is going to be a good bet - at the right price

Discounting poor pick-up and minor lapses, there's a lot going for Waja, a Proton with promise

Proton Reviews | 21 Oct 2000

This Czech will not bounce

Many small cars are designed to be cute, but the Czechs have given the Skoda Fabia a distinctive face. Its interior also wins with its packaging

Skoda Reviews | 7 Oct 2000

Sporty look with a luxury feel

The new RX300 Sports Utility Vehicle is not only made for those who want an SUV0 but also for those who go after the prestige of a luxurious Lexus

Lexus Reviews | 23 Sep 2000

Try keeping up with new E200

No, the Germans are not bad at spelling. The Kompressor on the Merc alludes to its supercharger, which hauls it to highway speeds quickly

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 16 Sep 2000

This Dion is as fat as Celine is slim

Mitsubishi's designers lost their touch, not to mention their eyesight, when they penned the Dion's body. But its shoe-boxiness makes for space

Mitsubishi Reviews | 12 Aug 2000

Kia's Rio is cause for a samba party

Korea's Kia Motors has come out with the Kia Rio, which will be launched here on Aug 18. It is expected to be a money-spinner for the company

Kia Reviews | 5 Aug 2000

It's very pretty and it's fun

The Peugeot 206 1.4 is recommended for those who appreciate a car with the simple, yet rare, virtues of responsive steering and sweet handling

Peugeot Reviews | 22 Jul 2000

Have a Seat, it sure looks great

The Toledo is a VW Bora in disguise and offers a good blend of style and safety with reasonable performance

Others Reviews | 15 Jul 2000

Pat Boone fans need not apply

Pretty styling, ride comfort and eager handling are still part of the Peugeot 406. After a facelift, it is still a fine car. It just needs a better gearbox

Peugeot Reviews | 8 Jul 2000

As curvy as Dolly Parton

Toyota's new front-wheel drive Previa has enough size and power to haul up to eight people around in comfort, with bulges in all the right places, too

Toyota Reviews | 1 Jul 2000