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Alas, more mythical than Legendary

Although competent, Honda's offering lacks the special X-factor that elevates it into the hallowed grounds of the luxury sector of the market

Honda Reviews | 15 Apr 2000

Koreans are on the right route

In concept and execution, Hyundai's Trajet is one of the best value-for-money full-sized MPVs available

Hyundai Reviews | 8 Apr 2000

Anything but cheap thrills here

New flagship models

Porsche Reviews | 1 Apr 2000

The best of both worlds

Classy new image

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 1 Apr 2000

Mercury Rising

The Audi TT is one hot-looking car that sizzles on the straights but fizzles round a curve. Two out of three ain't bad

Audi Reviews | 31 Mar 2000

Doors to more sales

Take your pick of three or five doors, depending on whether you are single or married. It is also easier to clamber into Honda HR-V's back seat

Honda Reviews | 25 Mar 2000

Going on a Honda Odyssey is tops

Some may snipe that the Honda is not a 'real' MPV. It may be just a long, tall stationwagon with seven seats, but it is all the MPV you will ever need

Honda Reviews | 18 Mar 2000

Saab Aeros zoom in on head and heart

The 9-5 and 9-3 prove that a mature purchase does not have to make one feel old. One is a comfortable chariot while the other is more sporting

Saab Reviews | 11 Mar 2000

One that's low on taxes, high on performance

Buying a luxury car with a small engine is like purchasing a thoroughbred with three legs

Audi Reviews | 4 Mar 2000

A battle of the budget Thais

After facelifts, the Thai-made Toyota Soluna GLi and the Honda City VTEC are now acceptable as family cars and ready to gain more market share

Others Reviews | 26 Feb 2000