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More vrooom under the hood

Major players in the two-litre executive class have all put muscle in the engine. That now includes one of the minor players, too

Saab Reviews | 17 Mar 2001

Vroom off to cloud nine

Christopher Tan gets high with the CLK 55 AMG, Mercedes' quickest production car

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 17 Mar 2001

Check out the Subaru Impreza's new groove

A David in the world of auto Goliaths, this car-maker's new Impreza WRX is a giant-killer

Subaru Reviews | 3 Mar 2001

Sports star

Mercedes-Benz reinvents itself further with the Sports Coupe

Mercedes-Benz Reviews | 24 Feb 2001

Top of the class

Christopher Tan drives the Saab 9-5 and BMW 520i, twin peak performers which may have been separated at birth

Reviews | 17 Feb 2001

Working 9-5 for 2001 Saab

Large, comfortable and powerful, the 2-litre 9-5 accelerates to 100 kmh from zero in 9.5 seconds, compared to its predecessor's 11.6 seconds

Saab Reviews | 17 Feb 2001

The Charade is over, meet YRV

After languishing in the doldrums, Daihatsu has come up with the YRV, which seems destined to create a new class of small cars - the sporty MPV

Daihatsu Reviews | 3 Feb 2001

Seven seats for less than $100,000

Mazda's Premacy should suffice for most Multi-Purpose Vehicle hunters in search of space rather than gimmicks. It also has cheapness to recommend it

Mazda Reviews | 20 Jan 2001

Echo hatchback gets the boot

Make way now for its big brother saloon version with more room and a bigger engine to boot

Toyota Reviews | 23 Dec 2000