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BMW X5 is no mud-slinger, but luxury isn't a dirty word

You could take this off-roader into the jungle, but at $361,000, with COE, why would you?

BMW Reviews | 2 Jun 2001

Berlingo's brilliant disguise

It looks van-like in silhouette, but it is really a Recreational Vehicle, offering maximum versatility at minimum cost

Citroen Reviews | 26 May 2001

Eats groceries and rivals for breakfast

The necessary grunt is missing in the 1.6-litre Skoda Octavia, but the new 1.8 gives it exactly 50 per cent more power and all the oomph you will need

Skoda Reviews | 26 May 2001

Frisky and fun? But of Corsa!

Opel's stylists wanted the new Corsa to look like a mature version of last year's bug-eyed model

Opel Reviews | 12 May 2001

The RAV4 puts the 'toy' in Toyota

This new four-wheel looks like an overgrown Matchbox, but under the rugged design and extra ride height is a drive that is smooth and car-like

Toyota Reviews | 28 Apr 2001

Clio's gearbox is not an automatic choice

Unless you are an advocate of easy, clutch-free driving, though, the manual Clio might prove to be more of a town car. Otherwise, save the $5,000 it costs for the automatic gearbox

Renault Reviews | 14 Apr 2001

Having two more seats may work

The 1.6-litre Scenic has extra power, but MPV hunters will find it hard to cough up the extra $11,000 for it

Renault Reviews | 14 Apr 2001

One hell of a sports car

The Diablo (devil) was created to chew up Ferraris

Lamborghini Reviews | 7 Apr 2001

Ignis is bliss, Suzuki proves this

The Jimny and Vitara models only cemented the Japanese automaker's reputation as the expert in the small 4x4 class, and this new one follows suit

Suzuki Reviews | 31 Mar 2001

A liftback disguised as a sedan

The Skoda Octavia's facelift makes it look a little like a Rover, but only from the front. It's good value and a lot of metal for not a lot of money

Skoda Reviews | 24 Mar 2001