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Back to the basics with Skoda Fabia

A car that suits the current economic gloom, the Fabia feels more plush than other small hatchbacks. It is built solidly and holds the road impressively

Skoda Reviews | 15 Sep 2001

Go Matrix for good measure

Space and practicality are the buzzwords for mid-sized MPVs and there are more choices now with a versatile Hyundai Matrix and the niftier Suzuki Liana

Others Reviews | 15 Sep 2001

This one's fit for a French president

The Citroen C5 is a stylish executive car that does not cost the earth. Inside is a hushed cocoon with high equipment levels

Citroen Reviews | 25 Aug 2001

You are never too old to go topless

The Lexus SC430 coupe can thrill even the mature with sensuous curves and steady aggression

Lexus Reviews | 18 Aug 2001

You need to be Rolling in cash

At $1.7 million, the Rolls-Royce Corniche is the most expensive car in Singapore. Everything about it is excessive, but I love it absolutely

Rolls-Royce Reviews | 21 Jul 2001

Ex-Streamly sporty MPV

Touted to be a driver's car, the Honda Stream is stylish, quick and practical, and looks set to carve a niche market

Honda Reviews | 14 Jul 2001

Economy options, luxury style

Christopher Tan tests value variants of two desirable cars - the Rover 75 and the Volvo S80 - and reckons they'll give rivals a run for their money

Volvo Reviews | 14 Jul 2001

Lean, mean, green machines

The Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are a bridge between today's petrol hogs and tomorrow's super-clean rides

Others Reviews | 23 Jun 2001

Ford is an Escape artiste too

Ford Escape of today sets a modern standard for motor engineering

Ford Reviews | 16 Jun 2001

Go topless with this beauty

With the new Peugeot 206 CC, you can choose when to cover your head and when to let the sun shine in

Peugeot Reviews | 9 Jun 2001