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Going on a Honda Odyssey is tops

Some may snipe that the Honda is not a 'real' MPV. It may be just a long, tall stationwagon with seven seats, but it is all the MPV you will ever need

Honda Reviews | 18 Mar 2000

Saab Aeros zoom in on head and heart

The 9-5 and 9-3 prove that a mature purchase does not have to make one feel old. One is a comfortable chariot while the other is more sporting

Saab Reviews | 11 Mar 2000

One that's low on taxes, high on performance

Buying a luxury car with a small engine is like purchasing a thoroughbred with three legs

Audi Reviews | 4 Mar 2000

A battle of the budget Thais

After facelifts, the Thai-made Toyota Soluna GLi and the Honda City VTEC are now acceptable as family cars and ready to gain more market share

Others Reviews | 26 Feb 2000

Get Focus and stay hitched

This Ford will satisfy him and her

Ford Reviews | 19 Feb 2000

Czech out this Octavia

Skoda revamped

Skoda Reviews | 12 Feb 2000

One for those with big bucks

If you have already arrived, look at the Bentley Arnage as a car to boost your status without looking crass or appearing like some over-aged playboy

Bentley Reviews | 5 Feb 2000

Three shift gears to keep pace with rivals

Mid-way into their lifetimes, cars often get a slight revamp to keep them fresh, and therefore to keep buyers interested

Others Reviews | 8 Jan 2000