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Great on road but not for golf

The Volvo S60 T5 is an extremely desirable package, with enough class, presence and performance to make it worth serious consideration

Volvo Reviews | 10 Aug 2002

Cool turtle, dude

When a maker of sensible family cars decides it wants to act a little younger and wilder, what you get is a Primera

Nissan Reviews | 3 Aug 2002

Peugeot panache

Peugeot 607 is a large coupe

Peugeot Reviews | 13 Jul 2002

A bon Voyager for 7 people

Chrysler's Grand Voyager feels like the mother of all MPVs, with its vast interior, but pity about the ride quality

Chrysler Reviews | 15 Jun 2002

James could Bond with this

The new BMW 7 Series seems to be made specifically for technopreneurs' who enjoy their toys and gizmos

BMW Reviews | 20 Apr 2002

Extreme Sports

VW and Renault strap oversized V6s onto the Beetle and the Clio to see how fast they'll go

Others Reviews | 16 Apr 2002

Family car a showcase of creativity

The Suzuki Liana provides the best of both worlds - a spacious mini-MPV in front and a boot in the rear

Suzuki Reviews | 13 Apr 2002

Honda's sexy CR-V

Most people don't use SUVs for off-roading, but rather as a statement of individuality

Honda Reviews | 30 Mar 2002

Aero Dynamic

Christopher Tan cuts through traffic like butter in a Saab 250hp 9-5 Aero, and lives to file this tale

Saab Reviews | 23 Mar 2002

A Grade A for Audi's effort

The A4 is now a gem of a car with its Turbo and Multitronic combination

Audi Reviews | 2 Mar 2002